Our Mission

To offer a European support network for ophthalmic professionals other than doctors through the provision of a forum for communication and ongoing education so to enhance and improve the care of the ophthalmic patient internationally.

Our Background

The European Society of Ophthalmic Nurses and Technicians was founded in 2003. ESONT is a division of the ESCRS. The Programme Committee of ESONT reports to the Board of the ESCRS. 

The working language of ESONT is English. 

We aim to support the work of the whole multidisciplinary team that work within cataract and refractive surgery clinics and ophthalmology.

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Ophthalmic Nurses

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Ophthalmic Imagers

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Ophthalmic Technicians

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Eye Clinic Liaison Officers

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Save the Date

  • 28th Winter Meeting 2024

    No Official ESONT Programme. Local Society organising a German Speaking session for Ophthalmic Nurses and technicians

  • 42nd Congress of the ESCRS 

    Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 6 - 10 September 2024

  • 43rd Congress of the ESCRS 

    12 September 2025

You don’t have to be an ESONT member to join our meetings. 

We welcome ophthalmic professionals from the country we are visiting and visitors from around the world.  We offer a wide range of topics associated with making cataract surgery outcomes better for the patient and improving support for eye care. 

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We often have educational sessions on the following topics:

Cataract surgery

Refractive surgery

Big number registers in ophthalmology 

Visual acuity and complex vision assessment

Corneal imaging

Visual fields


Artifical intelligence


Infection control

Increasing sustainability in the clinical setting

How to manage an unhappy cataract patient

ESONT Courses

ESONT has been an active participant in ESCRS meetings since 2003. Putting together exciting courses for ESONT members and non-members alike.

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