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How to Apply

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How to apply

o    The Systematic Review Award (“SRA”) aims to produce a high-quality body of research to prepare, collate, analyse, synthesise and report medical research in the field of cataract and refractive medicine or surgery. 
o    The initiative shall aim to provide a new scholarly output in the field of cataract & refractive medicine or surgery, focused on the methodology created by the Cochrane Library.
o    Applicants are encouraged to refer online resources at the Cochrane Library and/or at PROSPERO ( and/or with PRISMA (
o    The Research Call for the SRA shall be announced in January.
o    The SRA shall be open to all ophthalmologists and researcher (MD, and/or Ph.D., or experienced ophthalmic nurse) holding a full or part time clinical / research position at a clinical or academic centre.
o    Up to six (6) awards may be offered for any one calendar year, with a total maximum of awards of up to €60,000.
o    At present, funding may be offered by ESCRS for a maximum of €10,000, per award, with the applicant to complete the research within [1 year].
o    At the completion of the SRA, the systematic review manuscript must be submitted to an accredited journal, acceptable to the ESCRS, prior to the deadline [within the 1 year].
o    The applicant should be an ESCRS member.