ESCRS - MIGS Masterclass ;

ESCRS Masterclass - MIGS

Applications are now open

Application deadline is 29 May 2024

The MIGS Masterclass aims to offer a comprehensive theoretical and practical MIGS training to well-seasoned cataract surgeons in order to improve glaucoma care and reduce the burden of the disease in our communities.

This Masterclass programme will include the following:

  • Assignment to a mentor to support questions and provide advice throughout the programme.
  • Participants will be part of a small WhatsApp group with direct access to mentor
  • Four online modules on:
    • Introduction to glaucoma and MIGS
    • Angle surgery using implants
    • Angle surgery without implants
    • Subconjunctival and suprachoidal implants
  • Four interactive webinars with all faculty members and groups, to summarise each module in turn and answer any questions
  • In-person half-day case review grand rounds in Barcelona on September 5th (attendance required)
  • In-person half-day wet lab workshops in Barcelona on Sept 6th (required attendance) 

Each participant who completes all of these components and passes the exam will obtain a certificate of completion. There is no cost to participate in this programme.  All participants are required to be present and participate in the live components of each Masterclass. All travel costs will be the responsibility of the Applicant.  

The Masterclass will consist of the following:

  • An evaluation of the participant's knowledge of:
    • Glaucoma diagnosis and follow up
    • Therapeutic options
    • Type of MIGS and their indications
    • Expected outcomes and complications after MIGS
    • The level of confidence and willingness of each participant to adopt MIGS (pre-Masterclass)

This Masterclass is primarily targeted towards Cataract Surgeons who:

  • Have more than 5 years of experience post-training practicing ophthalmology (preferably >1000 cataracts as primary surgeon)
  • Conduct at least 200 cataract surgeries per year
  • See glaucoma patients
  • Begun to implant MIGS devices, or are intending to start immediately after this education programme
  • Are based in a surgical facility where MIGS devices are available

Applications are submitted through the ESCRS Masterclass online application form and should include a detailed CV.

Applications are reviewed by the Masterclass Mentors. Priority will be given to surgeons who best fit the targeted audience parameters identified above

Invited Faculty

Ike Ahmed

Ahmad Aref

Wallace Alward

Phillip Bloom

Teresa Chen

Deepak Edwards

Davinder Grover

Hans G. Lemij

Jose Martinex de la Casa

Gok Ratnarajan

Gok Ratnarajan

David Sola Valle

Paul Singh

Tarek Shaarawy