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Digital Research Awards

Expression of Interest

Digital Research Awards - Expression of Interest

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Expression of Interest

Your submission must be structured as detailed below:

Project title. (25 words)
State total support requested. (€)
State project duration in months.
What problem will your project address? (200 words)
List in order of importance the main aims for your project. (200 words)
How will you fulfil your project objectives? Outline the main work packages and the timeline for their completion. (400 words)
How will your project add to existing open access data either in your field of interest or as a platform development? Describe at least one important clinical research question that appropriate analysis of the data collected will ultimately help to address. (200 words)
List team members requiring salary support and % whole time equivalent (WTE) for each team member. Clinical sessions included in any clinical/academic research positions supported by the project should be funded by the hospital/clinic in which they are performed. Up to 0.2WTE is supported for senior supervision/project leadership.
List project partners and any co-funding or support in kind they may contribute.
Provide a breakdown of the main cost elements (staff, equipment, programming and IT subcontracting, data storage, data analysis, other) in relation to the overall support requested.
Briefly summarise your career highlights to date, your top 5 publications, and your project leadership track record (200 words excluding references). We encourage new entrants to research. Clear project goals, the right project partners, and a well-designed project plan will be prioritised over consideration of prior research track record.


(a) I hold a full-time or affiliated post with an established clinical or research institute named above, who have agreed to act as Sponsors for the research proposed and have the expertise required to support the administrative, insurance and regulatory requirements necessary for the conduct of this study.

(b) I understand that the hospital/institute within which clinical data is collected will remain as Data Controllers under GDPR law or equivalent legislation outside the European Union. Only anonymized extracts from this data will be made available as open access clinical data sets.

(c) I can confirm that the work packages in this project are not already supported by existing funding.

(d) I understand that Preliminary Applications will be evaluated by the ESCRS Digital Research Special Interest Group (the ‘DH SIG’) or, in the event of a conflict of interests, by deputizing members who will generate a shortlist of applicants invited to submit a full research proposal. I understand that all decisions on shortlisting will be final, based on evaluation by the DH-SIG of research impact and deliverability, and that the DH SIG is under no obligation to provide any subsequent correspondence regarding their decisions.

(e) I understand that any ownership of any intellectual property arising from the project will be subject to agreement between the sponsoring institution and ESCRS prior to the commencement of funding.

(f) I confirm that I am the author of the application.