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EDOF, ERV and Multifocal IOLs: Customizing IOL Selection for the Patient’s Individual Needs

This short course by Dr. Francesco Carones examines optical designs and indications for next-generation extended depth of focus IOLs, and hybrid multifocals.

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Everything is Perfect But…

This short course by Dr. Oliver Findl will discuss issues that can be a barrier to an otherwise successful presbyopia correction procedure.

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The Fundamentals of Phacoemulsification

This short course by Dr. Filomena Ribeiro will discuss key cataract surgery principles to understand peristatic and venturi fluidics.

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Astigmatism marking for the cataract patient

Toric IOLs are now widely used to correct astigmatism for patients undergoing cataract surgery.

A cylinder component within the toric IOL corrects the astigmatism, so that light focuses properly on the retina. To do this, the cylinder component in the IOL must be aligned specifically to counteract the astigmatism coming from the cornea. The angle of the astigmatism is marked on the cornea to help you do this.

Several methods have been developed for astigmatism marking. This activity will discuss some of the corneal marking methods available and the challenges that arise with them.

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Presbyopia Treatment with IOLs

Treating presbyopia is often considered the “holy grail” of anterior segment surgery.

While several approaches have been taken, there is no definitive treatment.

This activity will discuss the theory and development of multifocal lenses and the application of monovision for patients with presbyopia. Also, explored is some of the newer developments, and improvements in our knowledge, regarding multifocal IOL technology.

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