ESCRS - Reducing Carbon Footprint in Eye Health ;

Reducing Carbon Footprint in Eye Health

The ESCRS is happy to announce that the Patient Travel Carbon Calculator is now live on our website. This innovative tool helps us understand the carbon footprint associated with patient travel and encourages sustainable practices within our community. 

Why is this important? Cataract surgery emits an immense ~75 kgCO₂ per surgery, equivalent to three trees per eye per year. In Europe alone, cataract surgery is performed ~4.5 million times annually, with 10-46% of these emissions related to patient travel. As physicians, we can make a significant impact by reducing avoidable patient travel through changes in our practice patterns. 

What does the calculator do? This educational tool, designed for institutions or clinics, provides insight into the environmental impact of patient travel. By assessing factors such as postoperative visits, travel distance, and transportation mode, it helps us understand our footprint and make informed decisions. 

Additionally, the patient travel calculator allows you to estimate the approximate one-third of the carbon footprint caused by cataract surgery, with the other main portion arising from surgical disposables.  

By utilising both this calculator and the ESCRS SIDICS calculator you’ll have the tools needed to analyse your surgical practices and work toward a more sustainable climate!   

Join us in prioritising sustainability and minimising our ecological footprint - calculate your impact today.


Monday, June 10, 2024