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Phakic IOLs: intraocular optical quality comparison of angle-supported, iris fixated and posterior chamber lenses

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Session Title: Refractive

Session Date/Time: Sunday 17/02/2013 | 08:30-11:00

Paper Time: 10:34

Venue: Hall 3

First Author: : A.Vega Estrada SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    J. Alio   K. Pachkoria   P. Pe        

Abstract Details


Evaluate the internal aberrometric profiles of eyes implanted with phakic intraocular lenses (pIOLs).


Vissum Corporation, Alicante, Spain


105 eyes of 67 patients were included in this retrospective study. The optical aberrations were measured with the aberrometer Topcon’s KR-1W device. Three groups were formed according to the site of pIOL implantation: angle-supported anterior chamber (AC), iris-fixated and posterior chamber.


Angle-supported rigid AC pIOLs, Baikoff (ZB5M) revealed significantly higher values of trefoil at 4 and 6mm aperture diameter and internal total high order aberration (HOA), third, coma and tetrafoil at 6 mm compared to the rest of the group. Baikoff (ZB5M) and Kelman Duet have shown the significant changes of spherical aberration from negative to a positive sign from 4 to 6mm, this trend was not observed for the rest of the pIOLs. In the group of iris fixated pIOLs, significant difference were achieved comparing Artiflex (Abbot Medical Optic) (0.32 ±0.13 µm) vs Artisan (Opthec BM) (0.49 µm ±0.26) pIOLs in third internal aberration at the 6 mm (P =0.03, Mann-Whitney U test). In the group of posterior chamber pIOL, significant differences were found comparing ICL (Staar Surgical Co) (0.05 ±0.02 µm) vs PRL (Medennium Inc.) (0.11 ±0.07 µm) pIOLs in coma aberration at the 4mm, (P=0.03, Mann-Whitney U test).


The Baikoff (ZB5M), Artisan (Opthec BM) and PRL (Medennium Inc.) revealed the worst internal aberrometric profile than the rest of the group. The study of intraocular optics is an excellent method to identify the best pIOLs in terms of intraocular optical behavior.

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