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A new matrix therapy agent in the treatment of corneal ulcers resistant to conventional treatments

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Session Title: Cornea

Session Date/Time: Sunday 17/02/2013 | 08:30-11:00

Paper Time: 10:40

Venue: Hall 2

First Author: : B.Cochener FRANCE

Co Author(s): :    M. Muraine              

Abstract Details


To report the cases of a series of patients suffering from corneal ulcers resistant to conventional therapies and treated with a new ophthalmological solution based on ReGeneraTing Agent technology (RGTA, CacicolĀ®).


Twenty four patients with corneal ulcer, most often chronic, were included in this opened series, which involved 2 centers in France (CHU of Brest and CHU of Rouen).


In this opened series, 11 patients had a neurotrophic ulcer (5 post-infectious keratitis, 3 chemical burns, 1 Lyell syndrome, 2 others) with corneal anesthesia and persisting despite a 15 day treatment with only unpreserved artificial tears. Other patients (n=12) presented with a chronic corneal ulcer of various etiologies (including 2 chemical burns, one associated with neurotrophic keratitis, one Moreen ulcer), and one patient had a severe confluent keratitis. These 13 patients were previously treated with classical lachrymal substitutes, some of them also with topical cyclosporine, corticoids, and/or A vitamin ocular ointment. A total of 11 patients had already received one or several amniotic membrane grafts, without success. All patients were treated with CacicolĀ® at a dose regimen of one drop daily every 2 or 3 days for one to 3 months depending on healing.


Complete healing was observed for 16 patients, including 7 out of the 11 patients with neurotrophic ulcer, corresponding to a global cure rate of 67%. However, a large variation has been noted in the time period recovery of corneal surface integrity, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. An analysis of potential factors that could influence the healing process will be provided. For other patients, 5 failures and 3 improvements without complete healing were reported.


CacicolĀ® appears as a new interesting healing eye drops in the context of severe corneal ulcers resistant to conventional therapies. Its clinical efficacy remains to be proven in randomized double-blind studies.

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