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Analysis of patient satisfaction with multifocal IOLs: influence of gender and IOL type

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Session Title: Cataract II

Session Date/Time: Saturday 16/02/2013 | 08:30-11:00

Paper Time: 10:45

Venue: Hall 1

First Author: : S.Patel UK

Co Author(s): :    M. Rau              

Abstract Details


To determine the significance of patient gender on the overall satisfaction scores after uneventful cataract surgery aimed at providing clear vision at distance and near with multifocal IOLs (MFIOLs).


Augenclinic Cham, Germany.


Patients were asked to fill out a standard routine satisfaction survey after unremarkable cataract surgery scoring their overall experience as either: 1. Very satisfied, 2. Satisfied or 3. Not satisfied with their overall quality of vision. The patients were fitted with the following MFIOLs: i) Array (Abbott), ii) MF4 (Zeiss), iii) Tecnis (AMO) or iv) ReZoom (Abbott). Non-parametric tests (Kruskal-Wallis and Friedman) were used to determine significance of any apparent differences in the distribution of overall satisfaction scores based on gender alone.


i) 94% of females (n=36), 86% of males (n=44) scored 1 or 2 ( p=0.04), ii) 100% of females (n=18), 90% of males (n=22) scored 1 or 2 ( p=0.001), iii) 100% of females (n=21), 74% of males (n=19) scored 1 or 2 ( p=0.005), iv) 82% of females (n=29), 96% of males (n=52) scored 1 or 2 ( p=0.382).


In general, a significantly higher proportion of females compared with males tended to score satisfied or very satisfied for Array, MF4 & Tecnis MFIOLs. The distribution of scores was not significantly gender biased for ReZoom MFIOL. Overall, the vast majority of patients rated their experience as satisfied or better.

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