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Use of lutein and zeaxanthin combined with trypan blue or brilliant blue to identify anterior capsule in cataract surgery

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Session Title: Cataract II

Session Date/Time: Saturday 16/02/2013 | 08:30-11:00

Paper Time: 09:58

Venue: Hall 1

First Author: : D.Sousa Martins BRAZIL

Co Author(s): :    R. Casaroli   E. Badarף   A. Lima Filho   E. Rodrigues   M. Maia   R. Belfort Jr

Abstract Details


To investigate the efficacy and safety of lutein and zeaxanthin (L/Z) combined with trypan blue (TB) or brilliant blue (BB) for anterior capsule staining to facilitate capsulorhexis during cataract surgery.


Federal University of São Paulo - Brasil


In this study of 102 cadaveric eyes, cataract surgery was performed. Different L/Z concentrations (0.01–20%) combined with different TB or BB concentrations (0.0125–0.025%) were in contact with the anterior capsule for 30 seconds and then removed by mechanical aspiration. These formulations were added to the cell growth plates in human corneal epithelial cells and were also injected in the vitreous cavity of 26 rabbits. The assessment of “in vitro” cellular toxicity was carried out with WST-1 colorimetric assay while the intravitreous toxicity was assessed through electroretinography, optical and transmission electron microscopy. Statistical significance was determined by one-way factorial repeated measurements analysis of variance (ANOVA). P-values ≤ 0.05 were considered statistically significant.


Contact between L/Z combined with TB or BB and the lens surface resulted in a green staining of the anterior capsule, which facilitated surgical steps in all eyes. No dye solutions remained in the eyes after the procedure. No statistical significant differences were observed in the cytotoxic and electroretinographic profiles after the exposure to each dye solution in all time periods. The IC50 was above 1,35mg/ml (p≤0.05).


A dye solution containing lutein and zeaxanthin combined with trypan blue or brilliant blue efficiently stained the anterior capsule in human cadaveric eyes. These solutions showed a safe profile in our models and may be a useful tool for cataract surgery.

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