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AlgerBrush II assisted pterygium operation: a case series

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First Author: W.Maruszczyk POLAND

Co Author(s):    S. Sapeta   M. Chrzaszcz   E. Mrukwa-Kominek              

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Pterygium is a common ophthalmological disorder which, in particular cases, may impact vision. It is a pinkish, triangular tissue growth on the cornea of the eye. In advanced cases it invades the cornea with the potential of obscuring the optical center of the cornea and inducing astigmatism and corneal scarring. There is several types of pterygium operation that can be performed, but It seems that nowadays the pterygium operation with autologous conjunctiva transplantation is the best option. In this case series we want to present one year observation of AlgerBrush 3,5mm diamond burr assisted pterygium operation with autologous conjunctiva transplantation.


Department of Ophthalmology, Prof. K. GibiƄski University Clinical Centre, School of Medicine in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Katowice - Poland.


The study group included 3 patients qualified for primary pterygium removal. On each patient standard pterygium operation with autologous conjunctiva transplantation was performed. The conjunctival transplant was taken from the superior quadrant of the same eye and sewed into area after removed pterygium by single non-absorbable sutures. The donor place was left to self-healing. The Pterygium AlgerBrush 3,5mm diamond burr was used to removed the scars and polish the involved cornea, where the head of pterygium was attached. After the operation patient was receiving topical antibiotics, steroids and artificial tears. The keratometric evaluation was performed during follow-up.


The was no significant adverse event during the observation time, the minor AE was subconjunctival hemorrhage. During the follow-up the visual acuity was stable or improved. The keratometric values improved, the lowering of corneal astimatism was observed. The corneal healing was stable and causing minimal scarring.


The AlgerBrush 3,5mm diamond burr assisted pterygium operation with autologous conjunctiva transplantation seems to be safe, predictable and well tolerated surgical procedure.

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