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Rotational stability of trifocal toric intraocular lens with or without co-implantation of a capsular tension ring

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Session Details

Session Title: Premium IOLs: Multifocal, EDOF & Toric

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 25/09/2018 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 17:10

Venue: Room A4

First Author: : M.Brožková CZECH REPUBLIC

Co Author(s): :    A. Holubova   Z. Hlinomazova                 

Abstract Details


The aim of the study was to compare the postoperative rotational stability and refractive outcomes of trifocal toric lens with or without the co-implantation of a capsular tension ring (CRT) in patients who underwent refractive lens exchange (RLE) to correct presbyopia and astigmatism.


European Eye Clinic Lexum, Prague, Czech Republic


In this study, we evaluated the outcomes of RLE in 60 eyes of 30 patients after implantation of AT LISA tri toric 939MP (Zeiss). Mean patient age was 52 years and mean follow-up period was 3 months. The dataset was divided into 2 groups based on the presence or absence of CRT (Videris, 11,12SR). The first group contained 30 eyes with CRT, mean axial length (AL) 22,99±1,25 mm (21,0 to 25,9 mm) and preoperative corneal astigmatism -2,36±1,00D. The second group contained 30 eyes without CRT, mean AL 22,46 ± 0,90 mm (21,1 to 25,3 mm) and astigmatism -2,36±1,00D.


Mean postoperative IOL misalignment was 4,8° (0 to 78°) in the dataset. In eyes with CRT axis alignment was achieved in 70% and 13,3% differed up to 10°. In this first group astigmatism decreased to -0,35 ± 0,46 D (-1,75 to 0,00 D) and UDVA (decimal) increased from 0,38±0,24 to 0,80±0,18. In eyes without CRT axis alignment was achieved in 77% and 13% varied up to 10°. Postoperative astigmatism was -0,19 ± 0,29 D (-1,0 to 0,00 D), UDVA increased from 0,30±0,17 to 0,83±0,20. Reposition of the lens was required in 6 eyes, 3 eyes in both groups.


In this cohort study of 60 eyes after Refractive Lens Exchange with implantation of trifocal toric IOL, no significant difference was found in postoperative rotational stability in the first group with co-implanted CRT and the second one without CRT.

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