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Experimental evaluation of lens capsule retention using capsular tension ring and iris retractor with 120 degrees of zonular dehiscence

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Session Details

Session Title: Capsular Management

Session Date/Time: Sunday 23/09/2018 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 16:30

Venue: Room A4

First Author: : S.Yaguchi JAPAN

Co Author(s): :    H. Bissen-Miyajima   S. Yaguchi                 

Abstract Details


Capsular tension ring (CTR) and iris retractor (IR) are used to retain the lens capsule to avoid subsequent complication such as posterior capsule rupture  during cataract surgery. We experimentally evaluated the efficacy of CTR and IR, using a porcine eye model with 120 degrees of zonular dehiscence.


Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi Hospital.


Total iris of porcine eye was removed to observe the capsular bag and the area of capsular bag was measured. Then, 120 degrees of zonules were dissected using diathermy. Following continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis, phacoemulsification and aspiration (PEA) was performed without any aid (control), with a CTR (CTR130A0, HOYA), and with one or two IRs (grieshaber iris retractor, Alcon). During PEA, areas of the capsular bag were measured. We define the retention rate as the area of capsular bag during PEA over that before the dissection, and used it to compare the eyes with and without CTR and IR.


The mean area of the capsular bag before the artificial dissection of zonular was 125.3 ± 5.8 mm2. The retention rate was 83.16 ± 7.56% in the control, 91.92 ± 5.47% with the use of CTR, 90.73 ± 1.86% with one IR, and 95.20 ± 1.00% with two IRs, respectively, and the differences were significant (P<0.05, Dunn's multiple comparison). The use of IR showed lower fluctuations in retention rate during PEA compared with the control and CTR.


The use of CTR and IR showed efficacy of retaining capsular bag during PEA in experimental porcine eye models with 120 degrees of zonular dialysis.

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