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Clinical experience and comparison of trifocal and trifocal-toric intraocular lenses (IOLs)

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Session Details

Session Title: Multifocal IOLs

Session Date/Time: Sunday 23/09/2018 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 16:54

Venue: Room A3, Podium 1

First Author: : O.Reitblat ISRAEL

Co Author(s): :    A. Levy   G. Kleinmann   E. Assia              

Abstract Details


To report the visual outcomes and accuracy of power calculations of trifocal and trifocal-toric intraocular lens (IOLs).


Ein Tal Eye Center


Consecutive cases of eyes that had undergone successful cataract surgery with implantation of a trifocal or trifocal-toric IOL (FineVision Micro F and POD FT, PhysIOL, Belgium) by a single surgeon were enrolled. Preoperative evaluation included complete ophthalmic examination, biometry measurement using the Lenstar-LS900, corneal topography and tomography and retinal optical coherence tomography. IOL power was calculated using 3rd and 4th generation formulas. Manifest refraction and the distant, intermediate and near visual acuities (UCDVA, UCIVA and UCNVA, respectively) were recorded at the 1-month postoperative visit. Optimized constants were back calculated in order to achieve higher accuracy in power calculation.


100 trifocal and 50 trifocal–toric IOLs were analyzed. UCDVA was 6/9 or better in 90.0% and 92.0% of eyes, UCIVA was 6/9 or better in 82.4% and 95.8% of eyes and UCNVA was J1 or better in 85.9% and 87.8% of eyes, respectively. Statistically significant differences between the groups were found in the postoperative spherical equivalent (-0.27D±0.25 vs. -0.15D±0.27, respectively, P=0.007) and in the residual cylinder (0.52D±0.37 vs. 0.32D±0.24, P=0.001). The median predicted refraction error was 0.22-0.27D using the manufacturer’s constantans. Constants optimization lowered the median refractive error in ≤0.07D.


The FineVision trifocal and trifocal-toric IOLs provide excellent visual correction for all distances: far, intermediate and near. Optimized constants, which may further improve refractive results, are suggested.

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