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Visual quality outcome with trifocal, toric trifocal implants, and extended-range-of-vision (ERV) IOL implants: one year study

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Session Title: EDOF vs Multifocal IOLs

Session Date/Time: Sunday 23/09/2018 | 14:15-16:00

Paper Time: 15:02

Venue: Room A4

First Author: : A.Das INDIA

Co Author(s): :    S. Atheeshwar                    

Abstract Details


To evaluate the visual outcome and patient satisfaction with binocular Trifocal , ERV IOL implants. Comparing the performance and visual quality of indigenously made Trifocal Diffractive IOL( Acridiff, Tridiff) with PhysIOL, Zeiss AT Lisa Tri and ERV Symfony


Medicare Eye Hospital & Laser Vision Centre Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai India


50 eyes of 25 patients who had undergone uneventful phacoemulsification with bilateral :Trifocal PhysIOL implant (N= 12 ) , Zeiss Trifocal (N= 11 ), Zeiss TORIC Trifocal (N=1) ,Symfony EDV( N-10), Toric Symfony EDV (N=2) , IO Care Acridiff trifocal IOL ( N= 12) and Acridiff TORIC trifocal IOL(N=2) from January 2015 to March 2016 included. Preop Corneal Topography, Angle kappa, Optical Biometry , SD OCT macula performed.Visual acuity for Distance was recorded with LED Chart , near vision chart and Intermediate vision-Collendranders Chart at 1,3,6 and 12 months. Subjective responses on quality of vision recorded as per NEI questionnaire.


In the Trifocal PhySIOL group 10/12- 83.33% eyes achieved distance visual acuity of 6/7.5 or better, N6 12/12 eyes – 100% , Intermediate vision at 63 cms and 100cms Log MAR 0.1 in 11/12 – 91.67%. at 1 month. AT LISA trifocal group 11/12- 91.67% eyes achieved distance visual acuity of 6/7.5 or better, N6-12/12 eyes – 100% , Intermediate vision Log MAR 0.1 in 11/12 – 91.67%.Symfony Group 10/12- 83.33% eyes achieved distance visual acuity of 6/7.5 or better for distance, N6 10/12 –83.33 %, Intermediate vision Log MAR 0.1 in 11/12 – 91.67%. at 1 month


Trifocal IOL provide good distance intermediate and near vision when implanted bilaterally. The indegeniously developed Trifocal IOL (Acridiff) performed as well. Symfony IOL provides a good range of distance and intermediate vision ,however near vision under mesopic conditions was less compared to trifocal IOL. The perception of subjective glare and haloes was more with Trifocal IOL implant compared to ERV IOL.

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