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Valon Lasers Oy


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What is Valon? Our method of photocoagulation makes a full PRP faster than you ever thought possible. Instead of a single shot, with our technology you can deliver various patterns of shots in rapid succession. This increased efficiency leads to significant savings in time and money. A fast, single session full PRP treatment is also less of a burden to the patient and the physician in terms of patient pain and compliance.

VectorVision Inc.


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Standardized Contrast Sensitivity and Glare Testing from VectorVision, Pediatric and acuity testing fromGood-Lite, and Website develpment and internet services from Ceatus Media Group



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Visiometrics manufactures OQAS - HD Analyzer, based on the double-pass technique and conceived to describe the optical quality of the human eye. OQAS - HD Analyzer performs measurements for: Optical Quality Analysis (PSF, MTF) Intraocular scatter (OSI). Objective Scatter Index allows easy cataract classification. IOL accommodation range Tear-film analysis

Volk Optical Inc.


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Merlin - our new non-contact lens system for retinal surgery. With the pedigree of Volk optics, it delivers unmatched image quality. Smart synchronization enables streamlined switching between corneal and retinal views. New lenses for the anterior segment include the SLT lens and Surgical Gonio lens.

VRmagic GmbH


Booth: N251 | website:

VRmagic is a leading provider of high-end virtual-reality simulators for medical training in ophthalmology. First introduced in 2001, the full-scale virtual-reality simulator Eyesi Surgical offers intraocular surgical training in the anterior and posterior segment. The embedded Eyesi curriculum consists of assorted training modules containing tasks with varying levels of difficulty. Evaluation tools provided by Eyesi Surgical offer objective and detailed assessment of the surgical performance. With Eyesi Indirect VRmagic has introduced a training simulator for binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy. The training system offers a wide-ranging database of clinically relevant pathologies, educational guidance and detailed evaluation of both procedural and diagnostic skills.

VSY Biotechnology


Booth: N225 | website:

VSY Biotechnology is a progressive and innovative company that manufactured products to greatly enhance and improve vision of patients around the globe. Available Products: IOL Monofocal AcrivaUD: Aspheric IOL AcrivaUD BB: Blue Filter Aspheric IOL Ocuva: Aspheric IOL Ocuva-S: Spheric IOL Multifocal AcrivaUD Reviol: Aspheric, Multifocal IOL AcrivaUD BB Reviol: Blue Filter, Aspheric, Multifocal IOL Toric AcrivaUD BB Toric: Blue Filter, Aspheric, Toric IOL Multifocal Toric AcrivaUD BB Reviol Toric: Blue Filter, Aspheric, Multifocal, Toric IOL Scleral Fixation AcrivaUD HAF: Aspheric, Foldable Scleral Fixation IOL Viscoelastic Protectalon: Sodium Hyaluronate (1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 2.0%) Cartridge & Injection System AcriJet BSS Acrisol