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R.E.T, Inc.


Booth: N319 | website:

COMPORT Series (IOL placement system) COMPORT TRIMO Series (IOL placement system) COMPORT P (IOL placement system) COMPORT L (IOL placement system)

Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc. / NicOx


Booth: P313 | website:

NicOx is building an international late-stage development and commercial Ophthalmology Company based around therapeutics, diagnostics and devices. In June 2012, NicOx in-licensed AdenoPlus™ from Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc. (RPS). NicOx is also developing a portfolio of New Molecular Entities through the application of its proprietary nitric oxide-donating R&D platform. RPS is a developer and manufacturer of rapid, in-office diagnostic tests. AdenoPlus is the only in-office test that rapidly and accurately detects all known serotypes of Adenoviral conjunctivitis. InflammaDry is the only rapid, in-office test to detect elevated levels of MMP-9 to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye disease.

Ray Vision International Corporation


Booth: P372 | website:

Digital Slit Lamp

Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited

Booth: S129 | website:

Refocus Group


Booth: N271 | website:

Refocus Group has developed the Scleral Spacing Procedure (SSP) for the treatment of presbyopia and glaucoma. SSP is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that involves implantation of the PresVIEW™ Scleral Implant (PSI), a two-part clear plastic device that is roughly the size of a grain of rice.

Reichert Technologies


Booth: S120 | website:

Reichert is a world-renown manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments with a history dating back over 150 years. Known for quality and innovation, Reichert has introduced many of the most significant devices in the history of the ye care industry. Today, Reichert is known for dependable refraction and is the world leader in tonometry products, and for pioneering the measurement of corneal biomechanics.

Retina Today/Bryn Mawr Communications

Booth: P355 | website:

Retinal Physician


Booth: N274B | website:

Delivers in-depth coverage of the latest advances in AMD, diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, retinal vein occlusion as well as surgical intervention in posterior segment care. Retinal Physician provides practical insight regarding current and future treatment strategies in medical/surgical retina care and puts into perspective what scientific developments mean to today’s practice.

ReVision Optics


Booth: N320 | website:

The Vue+™ Corneal Inlay is an implant intended for intra-stromal placement within the cornea to treat presbyopia.

RevitalVision (Talshir Medical Technologies Ltd.)


Booth: P347 | website:

RevitalVision™ technology (previously NeuroVision™) represents a new category in vision improvement, with a non-invasive technology which enhances eyesight neurologically. This computer based therapy is clinically and scientifically proven to improve the vision outcomes for post-cataract and post-refractive patients. The technology is the world's only clinically proven & FDA approved therapy for adult amblyopia, and is effective with other visual impairments. The technology was originally developed in Israel, where the company was established in 1999. The company, relocated to Singapore in 2004 under the company name NeuroVision Inc, and in 2009 was purchased by RevitalVision LLC, who operates from Kansas, USA.

Rhein Medical, Inc


Booth: S106 | website:

Blade Holders, Stainless Steel Blades, Calipers, Rulers, Gauges, Reusable and Disposable Cannulas, Choppers, Spatulas, Diamond Knives, Dilators, Forceps, Global Fixation, Hooks, Manipulators, I/A and Bimanual Handpieces/Tips, INTAC, LASEK, LASIK, PRK, LRI, RK, AK, Corneal Instruments, Retractors, Scissors, Speculums, Sterilization Trays, MGD Forceps, Probes and Cannulas, Vitrectomy Instruments.

Rini Ergoteknik AB


Booth: N263 | website:

Rini is a Swedish company with innovative research and development and have since mid 1990 been a quality supplier of ergonomic products and solutions to medical professionals. We have our own sales and support organization in Sweden and work mainly with appointed distributors on our export markets. This year we are displaying many new functions for Operating tables, RiEye MK2 Great care has been put in the design of the RiEye Mk2 table and its accessories to improve the freedom of movement for the surgeon and assisting personnel in the vicinity of the patients head. Welcome to visit our booth

ROLAND CONSULT Stasche & Finger GmbH


Booth: N274A | website:

ROLAND CONSULT, Stasche & Finger GmbH, Germany selling high-quality, modular and intelligent systems for electrophysiological diagnostics for 20 years: Pattern VEP, Pattern ERG, Flash VEP, ISCEV ERG, EOG, multifocal ERG and multifocal VEP, Glaucoma Screening, Visual Acuity – all based on ISCEV standard and more. ROLAND CONSULT’s different human or veterinary systems are applied in clinic routine and research centers. Our stimulators are five color- mix- Ganzfeld, Mini-Ganzfeld, BABYflash, Pattern Hand Held and Monitor. NEW: RETImap- ALL in One -system function meets structure - infrared fundus imaging cSLO + focal and multifocal ERG + OCT + FA + Auto Fluorescence

Rumex International Co

Booth: N260 | website: