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i-Medical Ophthalmic International GmbH


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Intraocualr Lenses Foldable Hydrophobic Acrylic aspheric Hydrophilic Acrylic clear / spherical – aspheric Hydrophilic Acrylic yellow / spherical – aspheric Intraocualr Lenses / Capsular Tension Rings PMMA Viscoelstic Solutions HPMC Sodium Hyaluronate 1.0 / 1.4 / 1.6 Micro Surgical Knives standard guarded Disposable Injector System Titaium Injector / Re usable Disposable items



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i-Optics pioneers superior eye diagnosis innovations like our EasyScan. A zero-dilation retinal SLO camera for Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and glaucoma. And Cassini color led topography, the new standard in corneal topography.

Icare Finland Oy


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Icare’s product line consists of intelligent, new generation easy-to-use and portable tonometers measuring IOP patient-friendly by unique, patented rebound technology. At ESCRS 2012 Icare demonstrates fully integrated system for complete IOP monitoring at the clinic and at home by the patient – without air or drops. NEW Icare® PRO is ophthalmologist’s standard device for clinical IOP measuring, while the Icare® ONE is prescribed to patients for IOP monitoring at home. The Icare® LINK software enables automated data capture of all measurements for analyzing progression, variations and treatment efficiency.

ifa systems AG


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The ifa group of companies is the leading health IT provider in ophthalmology offering a large range of solutions including electronic medical record (EMR) systems with interfaces to +450 devices, telemedicine applications and electronic data capture (EDC) systems for e.g. clinical trials. ifa systems AG is the exclusive IT provider of EUREQUO, a project sponsored by the EU Public Health Program and the ESCRS. The ifa EMR system is based on a structured data model for comprehensive data mining. The software features include automated reports, audit-proof workflows, a drawing tool, statistical analysis, SNOMED-compatible terminology, image storage, quality management etc.

Imagine Eyes


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The rtx1™ Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera is the only commercially available device that enables in vivo imaging of the retina at the cellular scale. It enables the visualization of cone photoreceptors, microvascular details and the lamina cribrosa.

Inami & Co., Ltd.


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1) Superb quality Innovative surgical instruments made from ideas of Japanese top doctors. 2) LED slit lamp with high resolution and high frame rate digital imaging solution. 3) Portable operation microscope with digital recording system and shock-resistant carrying case. 4) Image filing system with user-friendly intuitive interface and variety of functions.

International Sight Restoration Eye Bank


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International Sight Restoration, Inc. (ISR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit eye bank that helps restore eye sight to men, women and children around the world,who are waiting for corneal transplants. ISR partners with many EBAA member eye banks within the United States for our fight in Helping The World See®



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The IOL manufacturing Consortium is the place to obtain advice on setting up an IOL lab, new equipment and medical plastics for making IOLs. Four companies have grouped together for a one-stop information center. ODC Medical, a leading consulting specialist in the IOL industry to establish or expand an IOL lab. Sterling Ametec is the premier supplier of CNC lathes and milling machines, as well as computer programs. Vista Optics supplies world quality FDA Master File PMMA, hydrophilic and unique room temperature hydrophobic materials. Contour Fine Tooling is an international quality producer and designer of diamond turning and milling tools.



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IRIDEX is a leading worldwide provider of therapeutic-based laser systems for glaucoma and retina solutions. Their family of lasers include IQ 532™ (green), IQ 577™ (yellow), and IQ 810™ (infrared) that are designed to perform traditional photocoagulation and tissue-sparing MicroPulse™ laser therapy. They are available with a host of compatible delivery devices, and the IQ 810 adds the benefit of offering noninvasive transscleral cyclophotocoagulation, using the G-Probe™ glaucoma device, for office-based glaucoma surgery. Their newest product, the TxCell™ Scanning Laser Delivery System, adds multi-spot pattern scanning technology when coupling with their IQ 532 and IQ 577 lasers

IROC Innocross AG


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IROC INNOCROSS AG, based in Switzerland, is the innovator of corneal cross linking with over 6 years of commercial experience with our products. Products: -> UV-X(TM) 2000 Illumination System -> INNOCROSS-R(TM) Riboflavin (isotonic and hypotonic) Find more information under


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ISOPT Clinical


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Over the years ISOPT has become a place for formal updates of medical ophthalmology and drug utilization combined with informal meetings of clinicians and drug developers. ISOPT's vision is increased knowledge and awareness of drug usage in ophthalmology, reflecting innovations and their utilization in practice. ISOPT offers a relevant and updated scientific program in a relaxed atmosphere leading to direct interactions of its delegates. We invite you to join us in Paris, share experiences and insights, whether your field of interest is in retinal diseases, inflammation, cornea and external diseases, glaucoma or basic science.



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ires: hd vision surgery precisio: high definition corneal tomography clat: corneal lamellar abaltion for transplantation cipta: corneal interactive programmed topographic ablation pmetrics: dynamic pupil assessment custom refractive and custom therapeutic surgical solutions using synthesis of data from high definition surgical tomography (precisio ™), detailed refractive data and dynamic pupillometry (pmetrics delivered to ires™, the 1.000 hz high resolution laser system capabilities include. custom refract and custom therapeutic (prior refractive surgery problems) (cipta®) and deep laser lamellar keratoplasty (clat ®)