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Haag-Streit AG


Booth: S103 | website:

HAAG-STREIT AG Gartenstadtstrasse 10 3098 Koeniz Switzerland Tel: +41 31 978 01 11 Fax: +41 31 978 02 82 Email: Website: Haag-Streit and our sister companies – Reliance, Moeller-Wedel, Clement Clarke and John Weiss – are leading players in ophthalmology today. Visit our booth for the latest developments in optical biometry, specifically in demanding cataract cases like Post LASIK and Toric IOL with LENSTAR, the world first LED powered slit lamp family, imaging systems, contact lenses, operating-microscopes and the most advanced static and Goldmann kinetic perimeter, the Octopus family. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Hanita Lenses


Booth: N315 | website:

Premium IOLs: SeeLens/BunnyLens MF – The Premium Multifocal solution SeeLens/BunnyLens TR - The Premium Toric solution aKromalens™ SeeLens AC - Achromatizing IOL Foldable Intraocular Lenses: BunnyLens - Foldable IOL – Excellent Stability SeeLens - New – Square Edge Design SeeLens/BunnyLens HP - Hydrophobic Aspheric IOL. Providing Aberration Free Visio SeeLens/BunnyLens AF - Providing Aberration Free Vision. Aspheric IOL Design using mini incision PMMA IOLs – OPAB 135, OPAB 130, OPAB 16, BAL 15, BAL 55, BAL 65, BALANCE Miscellaneous: AssiAnchor - Novel Capsular Anchor Device Injectors HanitaVisco

Heidelberg Engineering


Booth: N266 | website:

Experience superior OCT technology with the SPECTRALIS© product family. It includes the new MultiColor™ Scanning Laser Imaging option, composing three simultaneously acquired selective color laser images to one MultiColor image, providing additional diagnostic power by highlighting structural detail from different depths within the retina. Priced differently to fit every budget, all SPECTRALIS models incorporate the same unique features: Active “live” Eye Tracking for images without motion artefacts, Heidelberg Noise Reduction™ for high-end imaging results, AutoRescan™ for accurate follow-up diagnosis and optional BluePeak blue laser autofluorescence. Also test the Perimeter HEP featuring two different stimuli in one device: FDF and SAP.

HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG


Booth: S123 | website:

Direct Ophthalmoscopes Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes Retinoscopes Hand held slit lamp Retinometer Binocular Loupes LED Headlights Video Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Howard Instruments, Inc.


Booth: N250A | website:

Retinal Products—Parsmate Trocar Set for Retinal Surgery. This is a 23 gauge one step titanium system. It has the lowest penetration force in the world. 59 to 101 grams of max tip insertion force. Superior exit wound shape. You will never regret using it. It also has the lowest cost in the world. 25 gauge trocars will be available shortly. Disposable Iris Retractors. Infusion Cannuale for Fluid/Gas Exchange, Disposable High Viscosity Infusion Cannuale for High Viscosity (silicone oil) exchange. Silicone Oil and Perfluodecaline. C3F8, SF6, and C2F6 Gases.

HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH


Booth: N237 | website:

HOYA’s newest innovation is the new HOYA iSert® 351. The first full-preloaded toric Monoblock lens. HOYA’s flagship the HOYA iSert® Full-Preloaded IOL Platform offers the surgeon a variety of hydrophobic IOLs which are preloaded in the reliable and easy to use HOYA iSert® Preloaded Injector. The HOYA iSert® Platform contains also: HOYA 250 /251 Aspheric Monoblock lenses with and without bluelight-filter HOYA AF-1 Aspheric and Spheric Three-piece lenses with and without bluelight-filter To get further information about HOYA’s complete product portfolio please visit the HOYA booth Nr. B512 or

HRA Healthcare Research & Analytics

Booth: P321 | website:



Booth: N275B | website:

FRIMENTM is one of the leading ophthalmic microsurgical instrument providers in China. Frimen products include: Reusable titanium ophthalmic microsurgical instruments Disposable stainless steel ophthalmic surgical instruments Ophthalmic nano diamond knife and Sapphire knife All Frimen’s instruments are CE marked, ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified. For more information pls. visit the website at

HumanOptics AG


Booth: S154 | website:

HumanOptics provides a wide range of High Definition Implants, from premium IOLs to custom-made foldable ArtificalIris. All micro-incision premium IOls of Human Optics feature HD optics. These state-of-the-art lenses are produced with sub-nano resolution technology in the German manufacturing plant. The company focuses on micro-incision: their newest product of the MICS Platform is the Torica aA, a toric monoblock IOL. HumanOptics looks back on over 15 years of experience in manufacturing toric IOLs. Additionally HumanOptics offers an IOL calculation support through a team of experts and a toric IOL online calculator (MicroTrace,



Booth: N241 | website:

Visit HUMMEL AG’s booth to learn more about: OphthaTOP - topographer with OphthaRAY OphthaSTAR - world’s first combination of topography and biometry measurement with OphthaRAY in one device OphthaRAY - key technology for real ray tracing based calculation of IOLs Based on the complete topography and the required biometric data, the precise geometry for an intraocular lens is calculated by ray tracing in a virtual eye (e.g. for cataract surgery). Exact lens calculation for: - standard eyes - refractive treated eyes (PRK / LASIK) - long and short eyes - complex special lenses (aspheric / toric / customized)



Booth: N235 | website:

Auto Ref/Keratometer, Digital Refractor, Chart Projector, Digital Chart, Slit Lamp. Non-contact Tonometer, Applanation Tonometer, Auto Lensmeter