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Bausch + Lomb Pharmaceutical EMEA

Booth: S112 | website:



Booth: S112 | website:

Join Bausch+Lomb on Booth S112 for the launch of enVista™ Toric, the NEW Hydrophobic Toric Acrylic Intraocular Lens. View the Technolas Femtosecond laser system and book your 30 minute demonstration of this state of the art cataract technology. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn about Yellox, an exciting treatment option in post-operative inflammation following cataract extraction. Come and see how Bausch + Lomb can provide a complete treatment solution to you and your patients with the latest advances in Equipment, Lenses and Inflammation control. Bausch + Lomb welcomes you to all our events. We look forward to seeing you there.

Bayer HealthCare


Booth: N303 | website:

Our commitment is to bring to patients around the world quality medicines for use in diagnosing, combating and preventing disease. Every day we work against time, researching new pathways, new molecules, new technologies ā€“ complementing our own capabilities with expertise of innovative partners from science and industry. The success of this work is evidenced in new medicines for areas with significant unmet medical need such as oncology, cardiovascular and blood diseases, as well as gynecology and ophthalmology. Our aim is a better quality of life for all.

BCB Medical Technologies Co. Ltd.


Booth: P323 | website:

BCB Medical Technologies; manufacturer of HIGH QUALITY sodium hyaluronate solutions for multiple usage areas, is proud to introduce it's product range for ophtalmic viscoelastic solutions. Our product range includes high viscosity and high molecular weight, rooster comb extract originated solutions with concentrations from 10 mg/ml to 25 mg/ml, and bio-fermentation originated solutions with an extraordinary molecular weight and viscosity with concentrations from 10 mg/ml to 30 mg/ml. Being the unique manufacturer of it's own products, BCB is also capable of meeting any demands on manufacturing Private Label/OBL products . You can visit our booth for further information about our products.

Beaver-Visitec International, Ltd.


Booth: N229 | website:

Beaver®, Atomic Edge™, and EdgeAhead™ knives, blades and accessories Visitec® cannulas, instruments, drapes and accessories CustomEyes® kits Balanced Saline Solutions, including Aqueo Premium™ Enriched saline solution Viscoelastic Solutions, including BVI HPMC, BVI 1.0% OVD, BVI 1.2% OVD, BVI Visc™, BVI MultiVisc™. OcuSeal® liquid ocular bandage Merocel®, KeraCel®, Cleanfield® and Weck-Cel® fluid control products Wet-Field® Eraser® and Accu-Temp® electrosurgery products

Benz Research & Development

Booth: S124 | website:

Biermann Verlag GmbH

Booth: P352A | website:

Biotech Vision Care Pvt Ltd


Booth: N203 | website:

The Biotech group operates as Biotech Visioncare for the production & supply of Intraocular Lenses & Biotech Ophthalmics offers range of Ophthalmic & Vitreo retinal solutions. With its global presence & goodwill, company develops & manufactures high quality, innovative ophthalmic surgical and eyecare products that address a wide range of eye disorders. Biotech is focused on the growth and expansion of its core business. Few of its assets include ā€¢ A portfolio of industry-leading ophthalmic surgical devices & eye care products ā€¢ Product marketing through Distribution Network in over 70 countries ā€¢ Well equipped manufacturing and research & development facility.

Blink Medical Ltd.


Booth: N207 | website:

Blink Medical will be showing their new range of instruments for Toric IOL placement and Refractive Surgery. With a distribution network covering 15 countries worldwide, we have grown to become the world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of fine instrumentation, customised instrument sets and procedure packs. The Blink range includes forceps, scissors, manipulators and rotators. Our sets for Intravitreal and Sub Tenon Injections have proved very popular over the past year however set specifications can be customised to your needs. Come visit us at both N207 to see why when surgeons think of disposable instruments, they think Blink.

Block Optic


Booth: P348 | website:

Individually designed refraction units, according to your needs or room proportions - the name BLOCK stands for this. It begins with the construction and ends with the design of the refraction unit. Furthermore, various lacquering or any kind of synthetic material, e.g. according to Formica or a wooden design are possible. For demanding individualists we are able to adapt our production in a way of almost no limits regarding design and colour. Our own production of mechanical and wooden parts as well as our own development of the entire circuits and electronics demonstrates our particularly high competence. BLOCK refraction- and examination units: "Made in Germany"

Bohus BioTech AB SWEDEN


Booth: N256 | website:

Bohus BioTech AB is a swedish manufacturer specialzing in premium quality hyaluronic acid for various applications. The ophthalmic product portfolio includes MicroviscĀ® 1%, Microvisc Plus 1,4%, Microvisc Phaco 2,5% and BBTviscā„¢, which are OVDĀ“s intended for cataract, trauma and refractive surgery and MicroDrops tear drops replacement for dry eyes. Welcome to visit our booth



Booth: S146 | website:

Examination units Digital Slit Lamps Fundus Camera Scheimpflug Camera with Placido Rings Miebography Pupillography IOL module with Ray Tracing Corneal Topographer Specular Microscope Corneal Cross Linking & Riboflavin LCD Chart and refraction accessories

brumaba GmbH & Co. KG


Booth: N236 | website:

brumaba GmbH & Co. KG manufactures surgery tables for the ophthalmological field on a premium level. The main advantages of brumaba surgery tables is the excellent performance for the surgeons in terms of flexibility and functionality, as well as for the patients in the way to give superb comfort and relaxation. brumaba ā€“ where comfort meets quality!