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Correction of presbyopia at cataract surgery with trifocal intraocular lens with extended intermediate focal point: a six month follow-up

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Session Details

Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Cataract Surgery Outcomes

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 1

First Author: : M.Ilavska SLOVAKIA

Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details


Six month follow up of functional results and quality of vision after the bilateral cataract surgery with implantation of intraocular lens with trifocal design, with extended intermediate focal point.


1Medilux Eye Centrum Galanta, Slovakia


The cataract surgery was done by incision 2.2 - 2.75 mm, capsulorhexis 5.5 mm and implantation by injector into the capsular bag using Acrysof®IQ PanOptix ™ intraocular lens (Alcon Laboratories). The navigation system Verion™ Alcon was used for planning an incision for optimizing an visual outcomes. Binocular uncorrected visual acuity was evaluated for distance (Snellen Eye Chart), intermediate (70 cm) and near (40 cm) on reading tables (logMAR). The quality of the vision, glare, halos and spectacle independence of the patients was evaluated 3 month after the surgery.


17 patients ( 34 eyes) underwent uneventful cataract surgery. The average age in group was 60.3 years ( range 44-72 ). The average power of IOL was +22.3 D (range +13.5 D-+29.0 D). Mean binocular visual aquity (VA) was 0.92 (Snellen optotyps). Mean monocular VA for distance was 0.88 , SD ±0.1428. Mean monocular VA for intermediate (70 cm) distance was 0.24 logMAR, SD ± 0.1293 . Mean monocular near VA was 0,281 logMAR, SD ±0.04. 100 % of patients was spectacle independent for daily activities driving , reading. 2 patients had experience of glare or hallos “ sometimes”.


The implantation of intraocular lens Acrysof®IQ PanOptix ™ enriches the cataract and presbyopia solutions. The lens provides spectacle independence and high subjective satisfaction of patients. The navigation system Verion™ Alcon improves visual outcomes of cataract surgery.

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