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10 - 14 Sept. 2016, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

This Meeting has been awarded 27 CME credits

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Delegate Registration Information

Please read carefully the information below before making any delegate or group registrations. If you have any questions please email


Registration Information – Delegates

Delegates must create a new login for each ESCRS event. You cannot use your membership login details to register for the Congress. If you are speaking at the Congress or presenting a paper or poster there may be an account already set up for you in the system. If you do not know the login details for this account please contact us and we will send to you.


Registration Information – Groups

On the first page of registration please indicate that you are registering a group. Please complete the contact information for your company that you would like to appear on your invoice. There will be space provided later for the delegate’s information to be entered.

Please do not start the registration process until you have the following information about all the delegates you wish to register.

Full name

Address including country

ESCRS member/non-member – If you do not have this information please contact membership to confirm status of delegate BEFORE making registration. The system will not permit you to change the registration type of a delegate.

Email address – Each delegate must have a unique email address. The system will not accept duplicate email addresses

Edit Details/Name change

The system will not permit you to change the name of a registered delegate. You must cancel original delegate and add information for a new delegate.

If you wish to edit any other details of a registration you must contact

Please note that you will be required to provide proof of status for all reduced registration delegates before the registration can be confirmed. These include

Trainee/Residents, Ophthalmic Nurse/Technician, Healthcare Professional (this category does not include ophthalmologists)


Registration Categories

ESCRS Member - Available only to current members of the ESCRS.

ESCRS Non-Member - Available to ophthalmologists and medical doctors.

Trainee / Resident - A letter of verification from department chairperson or clinical supervisor is required at the time of registration, along with photo ID and proof of date of birth. The maximum age limit for trainee is 40 Years.

Junior Trainee Available to those who have been in a residency or training programme for 3 years or less

Senior Trainee Available to those who have been in a residency or training programme for 3 years or more.

Ophthalmic Nurse / Technician - Available only to ophthalmic nurses, technicians, assistants and orthoptists. Documentation is also required for this registration type. Work ID or letter from your hospital.

Healthcare Professional - Includes optometrists, practice managers, PhDs, MBAs, healthcare administrators, office support staff, ophthalmic photographers and other healthcare professionals. Commercial representatives are not entitled to pay this fee. Documentation is also required for this registration type. Work ID or letter from your employer or hospital.

Corporate - Available to commercial representatives and corporate personnel who have a legitimate educational or business reason for attending, but do not have a product or service to exhibit. No solicitation is permitted. Employees of exhibiting companies are not entitled to pay this fee and must register via the relevant contact from their company.


Reduced Fee Documentation Required

Please note for all reduced registration you will be required to send us proof of your eligibility for a reduced registration fee. This must be a letter of verification from your hospital or a photocopy of your work ID or business card. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us. Below is a list of the registration types that will require proof and verification:

* Trainee / Resident

* Ophthalmic Nurse / Technician

* Healthcare Professional


Registering for Courses/Wetlab

Instructional Courses are free of charge. You are not required to register for instructional courses.

You must be registered for the Congress in order to register for the wetlabs.

Due to the huge demand for places on wetlab courses , we can only hold your place on the course for 10 days without payment. If we have not received payment within 10 days we will have to offer the place to other delegates.

Wetlab registrations must be made in the individual's account. You cannot register for wetlabs in a group account.

Delegates who are registered in a group account can contact us for their login details. They can then log into their account to register for wetlabs.


Payment Information

Payment of registration fee can be made online by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and by Bank Transfer.

If you choose to make the payment by Bank Transfer, you must send in a copy of the bank transfer confirmation by email to or by fax to +353 1 2091112.

You must include your name and registration number on the confirmation.

For a group registration , please list your company name and the names of the delegates you are paying for on the confirmation.

All bank transfer payments must be received within 8 days of making the registration booking to complete the registration. If we do not receive notification of the payment the registration may be cancelled.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations will be subject to a 20% administration cancellation fee. Deadline for cancellations is 2 days prior to the meeting. There will be no refunds after the meeting has taken place. You must email the registration department if you want to cancel a registration. Please note there will be a delay in all bank transfer refunds. They will not be processed until after the meeting has taken place.


register here

Registration for the Copenhagen Congress is now available.

*Deadline for Bank Transfers: 18 August



Prices are in Euro
VAT is charged at 25%
Before 30 June
After 30 June
10 - 14 Sept


ESCRS Member 

485 535 635


Non - Member

585 635 735


Junior Trainee / Resident *

50 50 50


Senior Trainee / Resident *

250 250 250


Ophthalmic Nurse / Technician *

50 50 50


Healthcare Professional *

255 310 360


1100 1300 1500

* Please note - Prices listed are excluding VAT
* requires verification of status