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Touch-ups with SmartSurface after clear lens exchange

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First Author: Ortueta GERMANY

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We evaluate the refractive visual outcomes and efficacy of TransPRK (Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy) using the SmartPulse Technology (SmartSurface) with static and dynamic cyclotorsion and the AMARIS 1050 Hz RS laser platform from Schwind in eyes after refractive lens exchange (RLE)


Aurelios Augenlaserzentrum, Recklinghausen


We retrospectively evaluated the data of 459 consecutive eyes treated with refractive lens exchange in a period of time between 2015 and 2018. 35 eyes (7%) needed a touch up after the RLE. From 29 eyes of 29 patients we got a a minimum follow up of 3 months. In alle cases we perform a TransPRK with SmartSurface with a minimum optical zone of 7.2mm entering on the vertex of the cornea.


The average of eyes treated was 57 years old with a range between 48 to 68 years. The mead treated sphere was 0.38D (Dioptres) with a range between -0.75 and +1.25 D. The mean astigmatism was 1D. Postoperatively after Touch up we reduced the sphere 0.03D (range -0.5 to + 0.75D) and the mean astigmatism was 0.22D (range -0.75 to 0D). The predictability was for a SEQ (spheric equivalent) of 0.5D 86% and for 1D 100% of the cases. No eye lose more than 1 line.


TransPRK with SmartSurface was predictable for correcting ametropia after Clear Lens Surgery,

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