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Toric axis marking with smart phone apps and comparing accuracy with manual and digital axis markers

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First Author: R.Chaudhary INDIA

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Smart phones apps are being increasingly used among health care professionals. Ophthalmological toric axis marking apps are easily available and can turn smartphones into sophisticated medical devices. We used TorAxis mobile app for reference marking and compared its accuracy with Verion digital axis marker and manual bubble marker.


Eye7 Hospitals


We included 50 eyes and performed reference markings with manual bubble marker, mobile app marker and Verion digital axis marker. Assuming the Verion digital axis marker is by far the most accurate, we took that as reference and compared accuracy of manual bubble marker and mobile app marker. The marks were made by one surgeon and the data of mobile marker and Verion digital axis marker was also collected by the same surgeon.


We found the results of mobile app consistent with results of Verion whereas the bubble axis marker had a high degree of variability. The mobile app marks were in the variability of 2±1.5 degrees whereas the manual bubble axis marks were in the variability of 4±1.5 degrees compared to verion digital axis marker.


Mobile app digital reference marker is a cheap, consistent, and a reproducible way of enhancing outcomes of toric IOL surgery.

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