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Rotational stability of a plate toric platform IOL using a digital image guided system for alignment one week after implantation

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First Author: E.Fabian GERMANY

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To compare IOL axis alignment at the end of the operation with the IOL axis position 7-14 days postoperatively. A digital intraoperative markerless IOL alignment system was used.


AugenCentrum Rosenheim, Germany


64 Patients scheduled for cataract or refractive lens exchange and implantation of a toric IOL were included in this prospective study. IOL ́s of the same plate design platform were used (Torbi 709, AT LISA 939, AT LARA 929 Carl Zeiss Meditec). The cataract suit markerless (IOLMaster 700, Callisto, Lumera 700 Carl Zeiss Meditec) was used to allow automatic alignment and post OP control with the same system. At the time of second eye operation the first operated eye was examined under the cataract suit markerless conditions. Data form the date of the operation and 1 week thereafter were compared.


64 eyes of 64 patients were included. High efficiency and transparence of the data was remarkable. Deviation between the intra-operative and the 1 week postoperative axes was: 0° to 2° = 53, 2° to 4° = 10, ≥ 5 ° 4, in these 4 eyes IOL´s had been rerotated and postop axis had been 0°.


This study shows a high stability for a toric IOL to stay aligned within the first week. The majority of IOL ́s stay in the selected axis. Of special advantage was the digital image guided system for the detection of the axis and for visualizing of the IOL in situ.

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