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A 6-month prospective study of clinical outcomes of new complementary multifocal intraocular lenses

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First Author: J.Zapata-Díaz SPAIN

Co Author(s):    M. Ortega-García   L. Vallés-San-Leandro   M. Rodríguez-Izquierdo   J. Lajara-Blesa           

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To evaluate the visual results after implantation of new diffractive complementary IOLs with continuous phase between intermediate and near distances, at 1-2 months and 6 months


VISTA Ircovisión Oftalmólogos, Murcia, Spain


New multifocal complementary IOLs (Cristalens Artis Symbiose) were implanted in 20 patients (40 eyes). Exclusion criteria were any eye comorbidity including eye dryness (DEWS>2), pupil smaller than 2mm and larger than 4mm in photopic conditions, and no indication of multifocal implant. Defocus curves and uncorrected and distance-corrected visual acuities at distance, 70 cm, and 40 cm were measured using ETDRS charts. Contrast sensitivity, light disturbances, and patient satisfaction were measured using the CSV-1000 (VectorVision), the Light Distortion Analyzer (CEORLab, Braga), and the VF-14 questionnaire, respectively. Follow-ups were at 1-2 months and 6 months.


The mean binocular uncorrected distance (UDVA), intermediate (UIVA) and near (UNVA) visual acuity were -0.01±0.11, 0.01±0.17, and 0.08±0.10 LogMAR, respectively, at 1-2-month follow-up; and -0.04±0.10, 0.02±0.10, and 0.09±0.09 LogMAR, respectively, at 6-month follow-up. Contrast sensitivity was within the normal range for 50-75 years-old patients. The binocular distance corrected defocus curve showed a plateau from 0 to -3 D with a visual acuity above 0.05 LogMAR. Binocular light distortion index (LDI) was 10±4% and 11±8%, at 1.5 and 6 months, respectively. Patient satisfaction was 87±13% and 90±10%, at 1.5- and 6-month follow-ups, respectively


The combination of 2 complementary IOLs provided patients with a binocular depth-of-field of 3 D in photopic conditions with normal contrast sensitivity and light disturbances below the expected values in multifocal lenses. Patient satisfaction was very high

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