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A comparative study of 2 trifocal toric intraocular lenses

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First Author: Y.Corbel FRANCE

Co Author(s):    Y. Corbel   B. Cochener-Lamard                 

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To compare the performance of two different diffractive trifocal and toric intraocular lens (IOL) designs, evaluating refractive outcomes, visual acuity (VA) at various distance, rotation stability and quality of vision.


University Hospital, Ophthalmology department, Brest, FRANCE


In a prospective comparative multicenter double blind, superiority study, concerning 2 multifocal implants toric with a different design (PanOptix®, ALCON and Fine Vision PodF®,PHYSIOL), 30 patients were randomized in two groups. Data was collected 6 +/-2 weeks after the operation, assessing mono and binocular visual acuity at different distances, residual astigmatism (by vector analysis) and stability rotational (on photograph). The subjective quality of life and the patient satisfaction were approached by the NEI-RQL 42 questionnaire.


The level of predictability in terms of refractive correction was in favor of PanOptix® toric for distance vision. Visual acuity at distance and near did not show any significant difference, while intermediate vision was better at 60cm with the PanOptix® toric and at 70cm for the Fine Vision ® toric. Mean residual astigmatism was comparable for the 2 groups, less than 1D in all cases and 0.5D in 48%. The average rotation was 4.8° with the PanOptix® and 5.6° with PodF®; note that a patient had to undergo repositioning on D5 in this group. Spectacle Independence was obtained respectively in 96 and 94% of eyes, when all the patients declared to be satisfied and would recommend surgery.


The evaluated models combine the advantage of trifocality, optimizing the 3 main distances of vision, with that of a stable and efficient toric optic design. The 2 trifocal lenses provide excellent vision. The slight difference between the 2 models in intermediate distance would invite to consider the preferred distance of the patients, even the measurement of the length of the arms. The quality of vision is similar between the two lens models and correctly preserved.

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