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Modulation transfer function and higher order aberrations in eyes implanted with multifocal IOL

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First Author: S.Sheth INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Shah   S. Shah   S. Rothe   O. Pirdankar           

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To compare Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Higher Order Aberrations (HOA) in eyes implanted with multifocal versus monofocal IOL.


Isha Netralaya, Kalyan, India


It was a prospective study where subjects implanted with Multifocal IOL (Acrysof IQ PanOptix) and Monofocal IOL (Tecnis ZCB00) as control group, aged between 40 -75 years, post-operative best corrected visual acuity 0.2logMAR or better, pre operative corneal astigmatism <1.50D and cataract grade NS I-III were included in the study. Subjects with any ocular pathologies, irregular astigmatism, previous refractive surgery, and intra-operative or post operative complications were excluded. Post operatively 1 month ± 7 days, internal HOA (3rd, 4th and 5th order) and MTF were obtained using HOYA i-Trace aberrometer for 4 mm fixed pupil and compared among two groups.


Forty three and 20 eyes were implanted with PanOptix and Tecnis IOL respectively. The mean± SD age in PanOptix and Tecnis IOL group was 59.92±7.10 and 62.55± 4.89 respectively. Chi square test was used to analyzed uncorrected distance visual acuities which were similar (p=0.19) in both the IOLs however uncorrected near and intermediate visual acuities were significantly different (p<0.001). Two sample t test revealed no statistically significant difference in internal HOA (p>0.05) among both IOLs. MTF were similar at all spatial frequencies (5,10,15,20,25,30 cycles per degree) with both the IOLs.


We noted similar internal HOA and MTF in eyes implanted with multifocal and monofocal IOL. This could be attributed to Enlighten Optical technology used by the IOL which redirects the majority of light from intermediate to far distance. This multifocal IOL could be a good option to consider in subjects who might complaint of dysphotopsia symptoms.

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