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Comparison of refractive stability and long-term visual outcome with two different presbyopia-correcting IOLs: the imapct of lens design

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First Author: Z.Nagy HUNGARY

Co Author(s):    H. Kiss   É. Juhász   G. Sándor   K. Kránitz   Á. Dunai        

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To test the visual performance of two multifocal IOLs with different materials and designs, and to assess the long-term stability of refractive and visual outcomes.


Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary.


In this prospective, comparative study including 100 eyes of 50 cataract patients, bilateral implantation of either the hydrophilic trifocal Liberty® 677MY capsular bag IOL by Medicontur Ltd with double C-loop haptics or the hydrophobic AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® SN6AD1 lens (Alcon Inc.) with modified L- haptics was performed during routine cataract surgery. Refractive outcomes, visual acuities for far, intermediate and near distances, and defocus curves were assessed throughout a two-year follow-up period. The results of the two lenses were not only compared to each other, but possible changes in the visual performance of the same lens over time were also evaluated.


Superior visual and refractive outcomes could be observed in the Liberty® group compared to the AcrySof group during the two-year follow-up. Results confirmed long-term stability in the case of the Liberty lens, while a refractive shift towards negative values could be observed with the AcrySof IOL. Defocus curve evaluations support these findings: while the curves of the Liberty lens are stable over time (p=0.5119), the defocus curves of the AcrySof eyes show a significant decrease between the 6th and 12th postoperative months (p<0.0001).


Our work has highlighted that it is not enough to compare the visual and refractive outcomes of different multifocal IOLs at a particular follow-up visit, as although the outcomes with different lenses might seem comparable, results are not guaranteed to be stable in the long term. The design of presbyopia-correcting lenses seems to have major impact on the long-term stability of surgical results. The findings of our present investigation suggest that the Medicontur Liberty lens is a reliable choice also in the long-term.

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