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Evaluation of the long-term performance of the trifocal intraocular lens with centralized diffractive rings

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First Author: J.Győry HUNGARY

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To evaluate the clinical outcome at 5 years after implantation of a multifocal intraocular lens Liberty 677MY considering visual outcomes and patients’ satisfaction.


Department of Ophthalmology, Csolnoky Ferenc University Hospital, Veszprém, Hungary


Patients were implanted bilaterally with diffractive trifocal IOL-Liberty 677MY (Medicontur). Out of 50 patients 41 patients completed a 5-years postoperative visit where clinical and patient reported parameters were recorded. Because of various pathological conditions four patients were excluded from the data analysis. Standard visual acuity measurements were performed and monocular and binocular defocus curves were taken, contrast sensitivity (CS) was assessed by CSV-1000 in mesopic, photopic an backlight condition. The quality of vision was assessed using the VFQ-25 questionnaire.


Visual acuities for distance, intermediate and near vision, and defocus curves clearly demonstrated the stability of the trifocal performance which was comparable to the values recorded 2 years postoperatively. For 94 % of the eyes the postoperative refractions were close to plano, between -0.5 and +0.5 D. Except three patients with occasional spectacle dependence for distance or intermediate, the others achieved spectacle independence at all distances. Mean CS values for all spatial frequencies and light conditions were similar to the values recorded at one and two years postoperatively, and were in the upper third range of the age-matched normal values.


Our data, based on prospective, long term (five years) follow-up clinical study, provides evidence regarding the refractive stability and trifocal performance of Liberty 677MY. The lens confers good contrast sensitivity and maintains CS in the range considered physiologic for elderly people. Spectacle independency was achieved at most of the patients, dysphotopic phenomena were rarely reported and easy to tolerate.

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