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Enhancing near and intermediate vision with with a new paired trifocal lens implant

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First Author: S.Daya UK

Co Author(s):    M. Espinosa Lagana                    

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Report the visual and refractive outcomes of a paired trifocal lens implant (Artis Symbiose) with one more dominant intermediate vision (Artis Mid) and the other for dominant for near vision (Artis Plus).


Centre for Sight, private ambulatory care centre


Review of Fifty patients (100 eyes)undergoing bilateral cataract or refractive lens exchange surgery with implantation of the Artis Plus in the non-dominant eye and Artis Mid in the dominant eye. Measures include monocular and binocular defocus curves, refractive outcomes, UDA, BSCVA, uncorrected vision at 40, 60 and 80cm as well as patient satisfaction


100 eyes of 50 patients mean 63 years (47 to 79) were implanted. At 1M (n=59) SE was +0.11D (SD 0.54) cyl -0.27 (SD 0.33). 83% ±0.50D and 100% ±1.00D. 81% had binocular UDVA ≥20/20 100% ≥20/25 UNVA 20/20 or better in 62%, and ≥20/25 in 86% UIVA at 60cm was ≥20/20 in 67% 20/25 in 97%; at 80cm 97% ≥20/20 and 50% ≥20/15. Defocus curves showed cumulative flattening binocularly.. At 3M further improvement in UDVA, UIVA & UNVA demonstrated the benefit of neuro-adaptation. All patients were able to drive and 3 had halos significantly reduced by 3M.


Recipients of the Artis Symbiose lens system reliably benefited early with good binocular distance, intermediate and near vision and further improvement with time.

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