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Results and patient satisfaction from presbyopia correcting intraocular lenses: a comparison of first eye vs second eye surgery

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First Author: L.Mendel ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    G. Kleinmann   A. Achiron   E. Assia              

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To compare patient’s results and satisfaction of presbyopia correcting (PC) intraocular lenses (IOL's) after the second eye operation versus the first eye operation.


Ein Tal surgical center, Tel Aviv, Israel


A retrospective chart review of patients who underwent uneventful bilateral cataract surgery with PC IOL in the Ein Tal surgical center between 2016-2019, by two surgeons. One-month after the surgery a satisfaction questionnaire was filled in. Data analysis was divided to 2 groups according to the IOL implanted: Multifocal IOL (MIOL) and Extended depth of focus (EDOF).


One hundred and nineteen eyes underwent PC IOL implantation (51 EDOF, 68 MIOL). There was no difference in the objective results after the first and second surgery. For the MF IOL there was statistically significant improvement in the: patient perception of uncorrected vision for intermediate and near, and spectacle independency for near after the second eye operation compared with the first eye operation. Patients reported significantly more halos and glare, but without influence on their life quality. Overall satisfaction after the second eye surgery improved significantly. For the EDOF IOL group there was only a statistically significant improvement in the spectacle independency for far vision after the second eye surgery.


Patients satisfaction after MIOL surgery significantly improved after the second eye surgery with better spectacle independence and less reports of halos and glare. Patients unsatisfied after first eye MIOL implantation may be reassured of expected improvement after the second eye surgery. Second eye surgery did not influence the results and patient satisfaction for EDOF IOLs.

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