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Tecnis and Clareon: a 12-month evaluation

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First Author: F.Bartol-Puyal SPAIN

Co Author(s):    C. Almenara Michelena   D. Soriano Pina   M. Idoipe Corta   A. Gavín Sancho   J. Larrosa Poves   L. Pablo Júlvez     

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To compare the posterior capsule opacification (PCO) between Tecnis ZCB00 (Johnson&Johnson) and Clareon (Alcon) intraocular lenses (IOL) 12 months after implantation.


Miguel Servet University Hospital, Zaragoza, Spain.


50 eyes (50 patients) with Tecnis IOL (group 1) and 60 eyes (60 patients) with Clareon IOL (group 2) were examined. An axial length (AL) between 22 and 25 mm was required. Exclusion criteria were: amblyopia, ocular disorders, previous ophthalmological treatment, and intra or postoperative complications. Twelve months after surgery the following tests were performed: mesopic visual acuity (VA), mesopic CSV-1000E, KR-1W (4 mm without pharmacological mydriasis and 6 mm with it), OQAS, Catquest-9SF questionnaire and mydriatic slit-lamp pictures taken by the same technician. PCO was quantified between 0 and 5, and its area was measured using ImageJ (NIH).


Mean age was 71.20±6.79 years in group 1 and 71.73±8.44 years in group 2 (p=0.72), mean AL was 23.46±1.14 mm and 23.53±0.91 mm, respectively (p=0.72), and mean IOL power was 21.69±2.26 D and 21.28±2.43 D, respectively (p=0.37). Mean mesopic VA was 0.20±0.17 y 0.24±0.14 logMAR (p=0.13). There were differences internal aberrations in 6-mm pupil, in third order (p=0.04) and fourth order aberrations (p<0.01), trefoil (p=0.01), tetrafoil (p=0.01) and secondary astigmatism (p=0.01). No other differences were found. There were no differences in intensity of PCO, nor in its area.


Twelve months after implantation, there are no clinically significant differences between Tecnis ZCB00 and Clareon IOL. In addition, no differences can be detected using slit-lamp pictures between both IOL.

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