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Clinical outcome of photorefractive keratectomy with all-solid state laser for refractive surgery

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First Author: A.Roszkowska ITALY

Co Author(s):    G. Licitra   G. Tumminello   P. Aragona              

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To asses efficacy and safety of the PRK performed Lasersoft. all-solid state laser for refractive surgery


Ophthalmology Unit, Department of Surgery, University Hospital of Messina, Italy


Thirty six eyes of 19 patients (12M and 7F) aged from 21 to 45 y undergone PRK with all-solid state laser Lasersoft (Visilase, Katana Technologies, Germany). The preoperative examination comprised clinical evaluation with visual acuity evaluation, both UCVS and BCVA, refraction, slit lamp evaluation, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy and instrumental assessment with corneal topography and tomography, pupillometry and specular microscopy. The control visits included visual acuity assessment, refraction, slit lamp, corneal topography and tomography, and tonometry. The follow was 3 months and the main outcome measures were UCVA, BCVA, refraction, corneal transparency.


The mean preop UCVA was 1.1750.36 logMar and it changed to 0.0440.07 and the mean BCVA was 0.0090.05 to 0.0060.04. One eye gained 1 line and none lost lines of the BCVA. Spherical equivalent changed from -4.82.38 before the PRK to 0.150.41 after 3 months. 97% were within 0.50 D, and 100% were within  1D. No haze was registered during the follow up.


The PRK with Lasersoft, all-solid state laser for refractive surgery resulted as a safe and effective procedure with good visual and refractive results after 3 months follow up.

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