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Laser vision correction outcomes utilising a new topography integrated wavefront-guided aberrometer

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First Author: D.Teenan UK

Co Author(s):    S. Hannan                    

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To evaluate the safety and efficacy of iDesign 2.0 in patients who underwent laser vision correction.


Private Clinics, UK


Cohort was group of patients who underwent laser vision correction procedures using iDesign 2.0 between 13th May 2019 and 20th August 2019. The setting was two private refractive surgery clinics, with procedures being carried out by two experienced Surgeons. Monocular and binocular UCDVA scores were recorded 1 day, 1 month and 3 months post operatively. Clinical assessments, including any complications, were recorded in the electronic medical record then extracted.


The total number of patients included was 304 (608 eyes), with pre-op refractive range of +3.25D to -11.00D with up to -4.75D of astigmatism. One month postoperatively, 88.3% had MSE within 0.5D of emmetropia. Three months postoperatively, 95.5% of patients had monocular UCDVA of 6/6 or better and 99.1% had 6/12 or better; 98.2% patients had binocular UCDVA of 6/6 or better and 100% had 6/12 or better. 95.9% of patients reported to be very satisfied or satisfied; 1.9% reported to be dissatisfied or very dissatisfied at their last assessment.


iDesign 2.0 provides safe and effective wavefront guided treatments. Patient reported satisfaction was high (95.9%) and dissatisfaction was low (1.9%). The incidence of complications was low and in line with other treatment formats. A larger sample size will allow a more in-depth analysis of iDesign 2.0 outcomes for eyes with high astigmatism and hyperopes.

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