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Causes of intracorneal ring segment explantation: 10 year results

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First Author: A.Abdelghany EGYPT

Co Author(s):    F. D'Oria   R. Barraquer   N. Ledo   J. Alió      -     

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To determine the main causes of intrastromal corneal ring segment (ICRS) explantation and to define the incidence rate.


8 centers that constitute the Nodo Calidad Visual y Cirugia Refractiva of the Red Tematica de Investigacion Cooperativa (RETICS) sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Health. Coordinating centers; prof. Jorge Alio, Miguel Hernandez University, Alicante, Spain


Consecutive cases of ICRS explanted in the last 10 years were reviewed and the explantation rate was calculated from a total of 1644 ICRS implantations (not including centers contributing single or two cases). Clinical data included age of the patients at implantation, reasons for implantation and explantation, date of implantation and explantation, tunnel creation technique and ICRS type.


121 ICRS (119 patients) were explanted, with an explantation rate of 5.60%. Mean age of patients at explantation time was 34±11years [range 13-63]. Of these, 47 ICRS were removed for refractive failure, 33 for extrusion, 26 for a subsequent keratoplasty, 7 for infection, 3 for corneal melting and 1 for corneal perforation; information was not available for 4 cases. Pre-explantation mean uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) for refractive failure group was 0.19±0.1, while for extrusion group 0.21±0.13. Pre-explantation spherical equivalent for refractive failure group was -1.93±2.02. Pre-explantation thinnest pachymetry for extrusion group was 381.7±47.6 microns.


We report the largest series of ICRS explantation. The main cause of explantation was refractive failure of the ICRS followed by natural extrusion. . Mean time from ICRS implantation to explantation was 22 ±months. In the cases of refractive failure, time from implantation to explantation was 19±24 month, and was 25±38 months for anatomical spontaneous extrusion group.

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