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The incidence of enhancement procedures in patients after Fs-LASIK/LASIK

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First Author: I.Remesnikov KAZAKHSTAN

Co Author(s):    S. Pushkar   I. Ivanchikova                 

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The aim of the study was to determine the incidence and risk factors for Fs-LASIK/LASIK retreatments – enhancement procedures (EP).


Astana Vision clinic, Nur-Sultan city, Republic of Kazakhstan.


In 2019, the total number of topo-guided Fs-LASIK using FS200+EX500(Alcon) was 2948 procedures, including 125 for mixed astigmatism, and 4046 LASIK procedures using microkeratome Moria ONE USE-PLUS SBK(Moria). 79 EP, performed at the same period, were divided into 3 groups. Retreatments of residual refractive errors were performed in a period up to 6 months after primary procedures in Group1: 31 cases (0.45% of the total) with initial myopia and in Group2: 10 cases (8% of the total) with initial mixed astigmatism. EP were performed in Group3- 38 cases with refractive regression after primary successful procedures within 1 to 7 years.


For Group1,the main reasons for EP in 48.4% were preoperative high myopia and astigmatism ≥-4.00D. EP was required only in 10 cases (0.22% of the total number of LASIK) for moderate and low myopia. Initial mixed astigmatism in Group2 caused a relatively high rate of EP, where retreatments were actually used as a second stage of refractive treatment. In Group3, continued slow axial myopia progression was an important reason for the appearance of 40.6% of residual refractive errors in the long-term outcomes. Planned visual outcomes in all cases of EP were achieved. No complications, including epithelial ingrowth, were observed.


The frequency of EP after Fs-LASIK/LASIK up to 6 months is negligible and increases in cases with preoperative high myopia and myopic astigmatism, especially with mixed astigmatism. The frequency of EP over a long-term period depends on continued axial myopia progression.

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