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Results for presbyopia correction with a modified biaspheric excimer laser ablation profile

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First Author: A.Barsam UK

Co Author(s):    P. Thomson   M. Laginaf                 

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To assess the efficacy, safety and quality of vision after application of a modified biaspheric excimer laser ablation profile for the treatment of presbyopia


Single surgeon, private practice, London, UK


Retrospective Analysis of 36 patients (N=36) undergoing FemtoLASIK for presbyopia. Patients were treated to correct distance ametropias and presbyopic symptoms simultaneously. In each case the dominant eye was treated with an aberration free wavefront optimised profile and a target of emmetropia. The non-dominant eye was treated to target between -0.89 and -1.1 Diopters of Myopia with an adjusted modified presbymax addition of between +0.65 and +1.50. Corrected and uncorrected visual acuity testing was carried out at distance and near at each post-operative visit as well as quality of reading vision questionnaire.


Patients were followed up at one day, week one, 6 weeks and one year. All patients achieved uncorrected distance visual acuity (UCDVA) of LogMAR 0.0 or better with 84% of patients achieving UCDVA of -0.1 or better. Mean UCDVA was -0.117 (SD 0.071) LogMAR. All patients achieved uncorrected near visual acuity (UCNVA) of 0.4 LogMAR or better with 86% of patients achieving UCNVA of 0.0 LogMAR or better. Mean UCNVA was 0.05 (SD 0.129) LogMAR. All patients achieved satisfactory neuro-adaptation within 6 weeks with minimal dysphotopsia and good quality of vision reported.


This modification of a biaspheric ablation profile for presbyopia successfully achieves the appropriate balance between quality of vision and spectacle independence in presbyopic patients. Previous versions of this biaspehric profile have seen greater reports of quality of vision problems and reduction in UCDVA. The results of this study support more widespread adoption of a lower presbymax addition to achieve optimal patients satisfaction

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