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OCT angiography analysis of moderate primary open angle glaucoma and its correlation with Rnfl, GCC and visual field

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First Author: A.Varman INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Varman                    

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the correlation between the following parameters observed in OCT-Angiography in patients of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. 1) Vessel density 2) Nerve Fibre layer thickness 3) Ganglion Cell Count This study will establish whether Vessel densitycan be used as a surrogate marker in the diagnosis of POAG


Uma eye clinic Chennai


Retrospective observational cross sectional study.All patients included in this study were known cases of moderate-severe glaucoma using the AAO ICD-10 glaucoma classification based on VF changes. OCTA Imaging was obtained for 67 eyes of POAG.Patients had clear media on imaging with no other retinal abnormalities.Visual acuity corrected to at least 6/12. Refractive errors of more than -5D were excluded from the study. Patients with history of trauma or intraocular inflammation were excluded.Included 27 controls.Controls were over the age of 40, who underwent the same examinations as family history of glaucoma. IOP<21mmHg. Corrected Visual acuity of at least 6/12.


Analysis was performed between RNFL segments with the respective segments of the Vascular density using the Pearson Correlation coefficient. The degree of correlation is denoted between -1 to +1. A negative value indicating that the two variables are not linearly correlating. The degree of correlation coefficient between Superior Disc Vessel Density and Superior RNFL was found to be the strongest.


Optic disc vessel density could be a parameter to be considered while diagnosing patients of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. Sectoral correlations of optic disc vessel density,more specifically the Superior,Inferior and Nasal quadrants with the corresponding RNFL prove that Vascular changes occur during the course of the disease.

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