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An australian experience with istent inject® trabecular micro-bypass stents for glaucoma: 2 year outcomes

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First Author: F.Howes AUSTRALIA

Co Author(s):    C. Clement   D. Manning   A. Ioannidis   S. Skalicky   M. Shiu   R. Lim     

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To evaluate the performance and safety of 2nd generation trabecular micro-bypass stents (iStent inject) implanted with cataract surgery. This 9-surgeon pooled dataset is one of the largest yet reported, and includes outcomes through 2 years, making it particularly useful for the growing number of surgeons using iStent inject.


Ophthalmology practices of 9 individual surgeons across Australia


Multi-surgeon, multi-center retrospective case series of iStent inject implantation with cataract surgery in eyes with various types of glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Efficacy was assessed by mean intraocular pressure (IOP) and medications (meds), and proportional analyses of IOP and medication burden. Safety measures included visual acuity, cup-to-disc ratio, visual fields, and adverse events and complications


340 eyes were successfully implanted with the stents with 2-year outcomes available. Baseline includes: mean age 73 years, 96% White, 67% POAG with other types of glaucoma included, mean C/D ratio 0.7 and 35% with prior glaucoma surgical or laser procedures. At 2Y, mean IOP and meds reduced from 16.4±4.7 mmHg on 1.5±1.2 meds to 13.7±3.1 mmHg on 0.5±0.9 meds (16% and 67% reductions, respectively; p<0.001 for both). Meds were maintained or reduced in 98% of eyes with 74% of eyes med-free (vs. 25% preop; p<0.001). Good safety included stable VA, C/D ratio and VF. No remarkable complications were observed


This 2-year multi-center study showed sustained and significant IOP and med reductions after iStent inject implantation with cataract surgery. A favorable safety profile was observed. This comprises one of the largest real-world cohorts to-date on iStent inject, and confirms existing evidence of the efficacy and safety of the stents

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