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Visual and refractive outcomes following implantation of a small aperture IOL in eyes with previous laser vision correction

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First Author: J.Cuthbertson UK

Co Author(s):    S. Srinivasan                    

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To report the visual and refractive outcomes following monocular implantation of a small aperture IOL in eyes with previous laser vision correction.


University Hospital Ayr, Ayr, Scotland, UK


12 eyes of 12 subjects with history of corneal laser vision correction were included. Patients underwent optical biometry, Placido- based topography and dual Schiempflug tomography. The ASCRS post-refractive online calculator to calculate IOL power, aiming for -0.75D. Pre-operative unaided distance visual acuity was recorded. A small aperture IOL was implanted monocularly. Distance visual acuity was recorded on day 1, week 1 & 4, month 3 & 6. Unaided intermediate; near visual acuity and spectacle dependence recorded at month 6. Post-op manifest refraction performed at week 4 by an experienced hospital optometrist.


There were no intra- or post-operative complications. The average uncorrected distance visual acuity improved from 0.6LogMAR pre-operatively to 0.1LogMAR post- operatively. The average uncorrected intermediate distance visual acuity post-operativelywas -0,1LogMAR. The average uncorrected near visual acuity was N5.4. Spectacle independence was achieved in 91% of patients. The achieved refractive outcome was calculated as the mean spherical equivalent for each patient and compared to the predicted refractive outcome by calculating the mean absolute error. The average mean absolute error for the cohort was 0.7.


Unilateral implantation of a small aperture IOL is a safe and effective option in achieving spectacle independence following cataract surgery in eyes with prior laser vision correction. Aiming for mild myopia in the operated eye enhance the uncorrected near and intermediate vision without compromising on the distance visual acuity.

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