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Early outcomes of modified cataract surgeries with telescopic magnification for patients with advanced age-related macular degeneration

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First Author: F.Helvacioglu TURKEY

Co Author(s):    E. Sunay   O. Kavalcioglu   S. Kaya Unsal   T. Akin           

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To evaluate the early outcomes of modified cataract surgeries with telescopic magnifications (MacroVISION®) for the patients with advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


Veni Vidi Eye Surgery Group, Istanbul, Turkey


Forty eyes of 20 cataract patients with low vision and aged 76–88 (mean 82; SD3) with advanced AMD were enrolled to the prospective non-randomized interventional case series. Monofocal IOLs were implanted according to the biometric calculations modified using the reduced Gullstrand model of the eye in such a way that “a minus lens” was created at the intraocular lens plane, so together with plus eyeglasses lenses, a Galilean telescopic system was formed with a magnification of up to 20%. The outcome measures were the distance and near visual acuities, and the modified Activities of Daily Living (ADL) scores.


The mean of the best corrected distance vision acuities improved significantly from 1.20 logMAR to 0.69 logMAR, and the mean of the best near vision acuities improved from 1.35 logMAR to 0.96 logMAR (p1,2=0.001). The mean intraocular lens power was 10.36 (SD 4.42) diopters. The modified ADL scores improved significantly in all patients post-operatively.


A low-grade telescopic magnification may improve the functional visions for all tasks in AMD patients. Early outcomes of the MacroVISION® surgery showed improved corrected visual acuities for both distance and near visual acuities. This technique can especially be used in patients with low visual acuities due to AMD complicated by cataract formation.

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