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Precision pulse capsulotomy technology to perform capsulorhexis with automated method with superior outcomesand decreased complications

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First Author: M.Piovella ITALY

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Radial tears in capsulorhexis increase the rate of surgical complications of cataract surgery. Zepto precision pulse capsulotomy (PPC) technology (Mynosys - Fremont, California) is compared with manual continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC) and Femtolaser adoption outcomes by reproducibility, uniformity, circularity and diameter size.


Barbara Kusa,Matteo Piovella* 1 1CMA - Centro Microchirurgia Ambulatoriale, MONZA, Italy


Despite the appeal of an automated method of creating a perfectly circular anterior capsulotomy, adoption of femtosecond laser capsulotomy (FSLC) has been limited. We adopted this capsulotomy method and technology on 180 consecutive eyes with cataract. The quality and efficiency of the single-use device was assessed, including any difficulties in folding the capsule tip before use it in the eye. Also the possible difficulty of inserting the device in the anterior chamber, the percentage of inadequate or incomplete suction and the possible difficulty of releasing it in a proper and safe time were detected with the incidence of radial cuts.


The Anterior Chamber Depht was 2.72 ± 0.38. Endothelial Cells Count preop was 2228 ± 387 and 6 months postop 2184 ± 380 with percentage of 1.97% lost cells. We experienced 15 anterior capsule radial tears due to a difficulty in suctioning or releasing the suction itself. For a three months time we experienced the need to discard more than 50% of the devices due to a misalignment of the capsule tip due to induced movement problems caused by inappropriate shipping.


The Zepto precision pulse capsulotomy technology creates a precise circular anterior capsulotomy. This technique allows cataract surgeons, to perform an opening of the capsular bag precisely, centered, round with a predetermined diameter. This improves the quality of surgery and reduces the rate of capsular tears and the number of complications.For six month the disposable device were assembled in an irregolar way at the Factory. This produced a lost of efficiency and some mild eye complications.At now everything is back to normal performances

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