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Summary of advantages of using Precision Pulse Capsulotomy (PPC) in patients with intumescent and brunescent cataracts.

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First Author: A.Janekova CZECH REPUBLIC

Co Author(s):    J. Sokolik   R. Zugar   J. Pasta              

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To evaluate time-efficacy, safety and rate of complications of precision pulse capsulotomy in patients undergoing cataract surgery with intumescent and brunescent cataracts.


Eye Centre Prague, Czech republic


A retrospective study was done based on evaluation of 104 eyes of 152 patients with brunescent or intumescent cataracts who underwent cataract surgery from 9/2018 to 2/2020. Pulse capsulotomy device consists of handpiece with a soft collapsible tip and circular nitinol cutting element. Device tip is round soft with 5mm diameter and should do perfectly round anterior capsulotomy, which could have lower incidence of complications occuring during capsulorhexis creation in intumescent cataracts (run away capsulorhexis, small CC, argentinian flag..) and no need of using trypan blue dye for better visualization of anterior capsule.


Video of procedure and instrumentation will be presented. In group of intumescent cataracts (n=47) wasn´t reported any complication with creation of capsulorhexis. There wasn´t need of using trypan blue dye in any case. In group of brunescent cataracts (n=57) wasn´t reported any complication either. In intumescent cataract PPC allowed safe release of subcapsular pressure with consistent creation of a round, appropriately sized capsulotomy. Postoperatively patients were evaluated in 6 month visit. Slit lamp photo in mydriasis was performed and IOL position was checked. No complications were observed.


Precision pulse capsulotomy could be use also in patients with complicated cataracts with no need of using trypan blue dye and no incidence of complications in making capsulorhexis in this study. Depth of anterior chamber need to be take in acount in preoperative evaluation. At our clinic PPC in very shallow anterior chambers is not being performed.

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