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Refractive outcomes using a placido optical biometer & Barrett True K/True K toric formulae in eyes with prior laser refractive surgery

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First Author: S.Abouzeid UK

Co Author(s):    M. Muhtaseb                    

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To report the accuracy of refractive outcomes after phakoemulsification when biometry was taken using a Placido-based optical biometer (Aladdin) and Barrett True K / True K toric formulae were used for IOL calculation in eyes that had prior corneal laser refractive surgery.




Retrospective review of refractive outcomes in 7 eyes that underwent phakoemulsification + IOL implantation between March 2019 & January 2020. Inclusion criteria were eyes that had previous corneal refractive surgery and either significant cataract or refractive error. Biometry was taken using the Aladdin Placido disc optical biometer, and IOL calculation was undertaken using the Barrett True K and True K Toric formulae. Surgeries were performed by a single surgeon using a 2.2mm corneal incision with IOL placement in the capsular bag. Final refraction was performed no earlier than 4 weeks post-operatively. Patients received a variety of IOL types


Two eyes, that each received a multifocal IOL, were within +/- 0.25D of the pre-operative target. Unaided visual acuity was 20/16 for distance and J2 for near in each eye. One eye, that received a monofocal IOL, was within +/- 0.5D of the pre-operative target and unaided distance visual acuity was 20/20. Three eyes , 1 with monofocal and 2 with Enhanced monofocal IOLs, were within +/- 0.75D of preoperative target refraction.One eye received multifocal toric IOL and was within +/- 0.5D of preoperative target. Informal review of the IOL powers that would have been chosen if other formulae had been used showed that a lower level of refractive outcome accuracy would have been achieved.


Patients that had prior corneal laser refractive surgery often have high expectations for the visual result of cataract / RLE surgery, and frequently elect for premium IOLs Planning IOL implant surgery using the Aladdin biometer and Barrett True K / True K Toric formulae results in a high level of refractive outcome accuracy & patient satisfaction

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