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Evaluation of a new foldable IOL made from cross-linked polyisobutylene (xPIB)

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First Author: W.Li CHINA

Co Author(s):    H. Lin   B. Pan                 

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To evaluate physicochemical characteristics and properties of a foldable IOL, which is made of cross-linked polyisobutylene (xPIB), a promising new biomaterial for future fordable IOLs.


1. School of Laboratory Medicine and Life Sciences, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. 2. Xi’an Pillar Bioscience Co. Ltd, Xi’an Shaanxi, China


The composition of the IOL was detected by attenuated total reflectance fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; The transmittance and cut-off wavelength of the IOL for visible and ultraviolet light was detected by ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry; The refractive index of the IOL was detected by Abbe refractometer; The water contact angle of the IOL was detected by contact angle meter to determine the hydrophilicity; Accelerated aging treatment of the IOL in water environment was used to observe whether it will induce glistenings; The IOLs were immersed in silicone oil to observe the adsorption of the silicone oil on the IOL surface.


The IOL was made from xPIB whose spectral transmittance at 550nm was 95.65% and cut-off wavelength was 408nm. Its transmittance was more than 85% in the visible wavelength range of 550~780nm, and was close to 0 in the near ultraviolet region. The material had a relatively high refractive index of 1.515 at 25℃ and 1.512 at 35℃. The water contact angle of xPIB IOL group and hydrophobic acrylic IOL group was 101.82°±1.38° and 90.14°±0.78°, respectively. The xPIB IOL was not prone to "glistenings" phenomenon and its surface was not easy to adsorb the silicone oil compared with hydrophobic acrylic IOL.


This study shows that xPIB IOL has excellent light transmittance in the visible light range and function of preventing ultraviolet rays. It has a relatively high refractive index and a hydrophobic surface property. It is not prone to "glistenings" phenomenon and it is not easy to adsorb silicone oil. These results demonstrate that the xPIB IOL has many excellent characteristics and meets the requirements of relevant standards, which provides the experimental basis for its future development and clinical application.

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