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Dependence of blood flow velocity in central retinal and short posterior ciliary arteries on preset level of intraoperative IOP during phacoemulsification

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First Author: Y.Takhtaev RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    T. Kiseleva   R. Shliakman                 

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To evaluate the effect of acute elevation of IOP during phacoemulsification on blood flow velocity in central retinal artery (CRA) and short posterior ciliary arteries (PCA).


Ophthalmology department of First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, Russia


Prospective study was done in 29 patients with cataract. Average age was 72.5±5.7 years. Phacoemulsification was performed using Centurion Vision System with preset IOP 60 mm Hg. Blood flow velocity in CRA, CRV, short medial & lateral PCA was measured with Color Doppler imaging (CDI) system GE Logiq S8. The measures were done before surgery, intraoperatively at the mean IOP level 58.77±8.28 mm Hg, and immediately after the pressure was released to normal range. (IOP 22,05±7,33 mm Hg). Every CDI imaging was accompanied by brachial blood pressure control (Draeger Vista120) and IOP measurements with iCARE PRO ophthalmic tonometer.  


Intraoperative peak systolic and end diastolic flow velocities in CRA and Short PCA decreased in all cases, including full loss of blood flow in 11 cases. Mean peak systolic flow velocity in CRA decreased from 12,62±3,07 to 9,93±2,77 cm/s and end diastolic from 3,94±1,09 to 1,79±1,64. Mean blood flow rate in LPCAs decreased from 14,46±2,92 to 11,22±2,55 in systole and 5,11±1,83 to 2,97±1,27 in diastole. Mean flow velocity in short MPCA decreased similarly from 12,37±2,74 to 9,50±1,68 and from 4,54±1,35 to 2,73±0,91. Blood flow in CRVdidn't significantly changed.


The human eye blood vessels are not able to fully compensate for intraoperative elevation of IOP during phacoemulsification. The IOP level 58.77±8.28 may be threshold to stop diastolic flow in CRA.
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