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Comparison of post occlusion break surge volume in 3 cataract surgical systems

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First Author: K.Miller USA

Co Author(s):    A. Aboughaida   S. Yalamanchili   D. Dyk   O. Rohani           

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To characterize post occlusion break surge volume (SV) in the Centurion with Active Sentry peristaltic system (CAS), Whitestar Signature Pro peristaltic system (WSP), and Stellaris PC venturi system (SPC) under varying intraocular pressures (IOP), vacuum limits (Vac), and aspiration rates (Asp).


Stein Eye Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA and Alcon Research, Lake Forest, California, USA


A mechanical eye model that mimics the compliance of the human eye was used to model anterior chamber volume-pressure change behavior. Using this model, the SV of the systems was characterized at Vac of 300 to 600 mmHg, IOP of 30 to 80 mmHg, and Asp of 20 and 40 cc/min (the SPC does not have an Asp setting). Each operating setting was tested on 6 samples and the SV average and standard deviation (SD) for all the samples were calculated at all given settings [IOP, Vac, Asp].


The CAS SV (SD) was 48.6 (3.1) µL at [50, 500, 20] and 61.8 (4.9) µL at [50, 600, 20]. The WSP SV (SD) was 70.3 (4.2) µL and 102.6 (5.5) µL. The SPC SV (SD) was >160 µL. The CAS SV (SD) was 50.9 (3.3) at [40, 500, 20] and 63.6 (5.1) at [40, 600, 20]. The WSP SV (SD) was 77.3 (6.2) µL and 112.5 (7.4) µL. The SPC SV (SD) was >160 µL. Wherever SV is reported as >160 µL, the mechanical eye model reached its limits and therefore was unable to measure the full surge.


SV is heavily dependent on the cataract system used and its surgical settings. CAS had a significantly lower surge volume in high Vac and low IOP when compared to WSP and SPC. CAS had a small SD which shows it can provide a higher level of case-to-case consistency. In CAS, surge is mainly a function of Vac and does not greatly vary with IOP.

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