Chemical basis for alteration of an intraocular lens using a femtosecond laser

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Session Title: Cataract Surgery Instrumentation/Surgical Devices

First Author: J. Bille Germany

Co. Authors :    R. Sahler   S. Enright   R. Alley   K. Chan   S. Schhoeung        

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To investigate the chemical and physical changes in intraocular lens which are caused by the exposure of the acrylic material to the femtosecond laser.




The acrylic material was tested by a number of different methodologies, like e.g. CARSmicroscopy, to determine the nature of the changes created in the material by the exposure to the femtosecond laser.


The polar bonds within the acrylic material are altered such that the material absorbs additional water without creating residuals


The hydrophilicity based refractive index change is safe to use in connection with implanted intraocular lense FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: NONE