Glaucoma Day 2012

ESCRS Glaucoma Day Programme

Immediately preceding the XXX Congress of the ESCRS
Scientific programme organised by European Glaucoma Society

The Glaucoma Day registration fee is €200.00 plus 21% VAT

Friday 7 September | Room: Space 1
Chairpersons: C. Traverso ITALY, K. Barton UK, F. Topouzis GREECE

08.00 – 08.30
Breakfast and Registration 

08.30 08.35
Welcome and Introduction

08.35 09.14
Significance of sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tests in the ageing population

Moderators: R. De Natale ITALY, G. Gazzard UK

09.14 09.53
Structure and function: sense and non-sense

Moderators: M. Iester ITALY, G. Hollo HUNGARY

09.53 – 10.32
Medical Treatment: new approaches and old problems

Moderators: G. Manni ITALY, J. P. Nordmann FRANCE

10.32 - 10.50 | Break

10.50 – 11.29
Neuroprotection downloaded

Moderators: S. Gandolfi  ITALY, L. Schmetterer AUSTRIA

IOP measurements and clinical relevance

Moderators: A. Kotecha UK, A. Boehm GERMANY

Keynote Speech

12.30 - 14.00 | Lunch

Phacoemulsification and glaucoma

Moderators: R. Bellucci ITALY, P. Denis FRANCE

Surgery Revisited: procedures individualised for target IOP

Moderators: K. Barton UK, S. Miglior ITALY

15.40 - 16.00 | Break

Complications of surgery and new devices

Moderators: A. Fea ITALY, I. Stalmans BELGIUM

K. Barton
UK (Programme Director)

Summary and feedback


The Glaucoma Day registration fee is €200.00 plus 21% VAT

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